Rehabilitation Training – S1E24

Get out the rug beaters - it's time to train! In this episode of Demon Slayer Chronicles, the boys recap the 24th episode of the anime that looks into the heavy training Tanjiro and Co goes through to get ready for their next mission. Apple | Google | Spotify | Pocket Casts Your hosts for Demon Slayer Chronicles are Andrew Nimsgern,

Vigilantes Chapters 51-55

On this week's episode of Class 1A, James and Andrew continue talking about the Sky Egg terrorist attack! Will Koichi step up with an even more stupid special move? Will Captain Celebrity survive? Check out this week's episode to find out!

Cartography: Redridge Mountains

In the debut episode of the Cartography series, James, Maezriel and Warren discuss the Rambo rip-off of Redridge Mountains. Discussing the stories surrounding the people of Lakeshire, the boys dive into what they consider to be one of the…

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