Apex Player Questions If It’s Him Or His Teammates Who Are Trash After Launch Of Solo Mode


The long-awaited limited time solo mode has finally kicked off today for Apex Legends. Yet, after playing several hours of the game mode, some players started to have dark thoughts. What if it wasn’t their teammates that were holding them back, but instead, they were the true problem.

I was lucky enough to talk to a self-proclaimed Apex Legends pro who went by the name of “XxAPEXGODxX.” Luckily enough I got the opportunity to talk to him before and after the launch of the limited-time mode. APEXGOD had always felt his teammates were the reason he wasn’t in the “Apex Predator” for ranked play yet. He had extreme excitement for the limited time solo mode so that he could finally show his true skills.

When asked why he blamed his teammates so much, he had the following to say: “They were just trash dude. Like every time I was going ahead and got into a fight, they were never there to back me up. Plus, even when they were with me, they never shot at the right guy and let me die.”

So after giving him a chance to play a couple of hours in solo mode, I had a chance to catch back up with APEXGOD. After chatting a bit, I found that he only had one top 3 placement out of the 15 games he played in the solo mode.

“After playing so many games, I thought for a second that maybe I just wasn’t that good at this Apex.” APEXGOD said after I asked him how he felt with the results from the day’s games. He quickly followed it up with, “But then I remembered, I’ve just been playing with such shitty teammates for so long that they rubbed off on me.”

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