Why is Twitch Charging More for Mobile Subs?

This weekend at Twitch Con, Twitch unveiled several new features for its ever-growing platform. These updates include new ad experience, channel points, and mobile subscriptions. The Twitch app has always been fairly minimal, missing a

Another Streaming Site to Rival Twitch?

Is Twitch Our Only Hope? If you are a streamer or someone who wants interesting live gaming content, there is really only one place you’ll go, Twitch.tv. Sure there is YouTube Gaming, Mixer, Caffeine (OmegaLUL), and Facebook. but they

E3 2019: The Year of Yelling

This year’s E3 press conferences seemed a bit...weird to say the least. Most notable was all the “unprompted audience participation” throughout the event. We saw this first and foremost during Microsoft’s presser during the Cyberpunk 2077

Capitalism is Ruining Esports

To many, making it in the esports industry is a dream. It’s something we strive our whole lives to do. We put our hearts and souls into our work for even the slightest chance to make it. But often times the journey and destination is