Fnatic Becomes Consistent Once Again

Fnatic looks primed to take on the top dogs of the Counter-Strike scene Fnatic has been playing very well as of recent. After reuniting with teammates Golden and flusha, the team that had up until recently struggled with consistency

The Revolving Door that is GamerLegion

Photo Credit Roster swaps. A thing of excitement, disappointment, and every feeling in between. A roster swap can quickly change a team’s identity, playstyle, and culture. Within CS: GO, roster changes happen quite a bit. Teams like

The Return of FORG1VEN

Can the legendary player survive in the LEC? The 2019 off-season for League of Legends has been nothing short of electrifying. With teams like TSM and Rogue rising once again, it seems as though there will be parity in the LEC and LCS

GameChangers – The Legend of Dade

With League of Legends maintaining its position as one of the most popular, if not the most popular esport in the world, new players constantly enter the competitive circuit. Ambitious rookies, mechanically gifted high schoolers, and