Big Changes in Stage 3


Between week 2 and 3 of the Overwatch League’s Stage 3, we saw a significant amount of movements with teams. It was not all expected and caught many off guard. Alongside the Mayhem’s expected pickups of Rain and Gargoyle, two more players from WGS Armament and new coaching staff were added. The Gladiators, the Dynasty, and the Valiant have also added extra coaching staff.

The biggest surprise here was the size of the pickups from the Mayhem. After a dismal 2018 season and a failed rebuild in the first half of the 2019 season, the hopes of the remaining Florida fans were not very high. The potential pickups of Gargoyle and Rain would still leave them with the slimmest possible coaching staff (a one-man band in INSIGHT). This is the same recipe which saw them yield terrible results in the inaugural season. Instead, there are two extra players in Karayan and DPI, and two new coaches added, Unread and KH1. Many people were also glad to see the return of Ryuu, the former analyst from Mayhem Academy. His stat crunching helped steer the academy team to an amazing run in contenders.

Mayhem Twitter Account

Mayhem Twitter Account

For those interested in where the new Mayhem players fit into the lineup at this point, their roles were talked about in a recent Mayhem press release.

Gargoyle – Off-Tank (Zarya Specialist, Starting)

DPI – DPS/Off-Tank (D.Va Specialist that can flex-DPS, Starting)

Karayan – Main Tank (Niche role alongside Fate)

RaiN – Main Support (Probably a new Starter)

The Gladiators and Valiant announced new assistant coaches Faustus and Reprize. The Dynasty also announced the addition of an analyst, Raccoon Panda, to their team. It seems that teams all over are looking to bolster their coaches by adding more staff, and adding more analysis to the process. This should lead to the best possible games of Overwatch, as the players’ enjoy better data and decision making from coaches.

Gladiators Twitter Account

Gladiators Twitter Account

It’s unrealistic to expect any significant impacts from these changes this week. The new Florida pickups aren’t in the US yet. Assistant GM of the Mayhem, BEARHANDS, has already said that we can expect their new arrivals within the next week or so. Coaches and analysts also need time to learn their teams before they can help to steer. We should see the impact of the four new players before this stage is out though.

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