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Another Streaming Site to Rival Twitch?

Is Twitch Our Only Hope? If you are a streamer or someone who wants interesting live gaming content, there is really only one place you’ll go, Sure there is YouTube Gaming, Mixer, Caffeine (OmegaLUL), and Facebook. but they

The 2020 Overwatch League

The League will also not be moving to the home and away model we were promised for the 2020 season. Nate Nanzer, the former commissioner, announced that the league was committing to the home and away model for the 2020 season. Now, with

Big Changes in Stage 3

Between week 2 and 3 of the Overwatch League's Stage 3, we saw a significant amount of movements with teams. It was not all expected and caught many off guard. Alongside the Mayhem’s expected pickups of Rain and Gargoyle, two more players

Our E3 Game of the Show

There are around 15,213 websites and channels that do an E3 Game of the Show. We kind of felt left out, so we wanted to throw our hat in the ring and make it 15,214! It has been so much fun to cover the E3 conferences this year, so

E3 2019: The Year of Yelling

This year’s E3 press conferences seemed a bit...weird to say the least. Most notable was all the “unprompted audience participation” throughout the event. We saw this first and foremost during Microsoft’s presser during the Cyberpunk 2077