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New Blood: FURIA’s Rise to Dominance

For three years, the South American Counter Strike:Global Offensive scene was ruled by the core trio of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga , and Marcelo "coldzera" David. The trio moved from team to team, but always remained

The Redemption of French Counter Strike

For the past few years, the French Counter Strike scene has been very weak. The region used to be titans of the game, winning two majors over the course of CSGO’s existence. Stars like kennyS, shox and Happy bulldozed their way through

An LCS Fanboy’s Look at MSI

The mid season invitational is upon us.  Even though MSI champions aren’t heralded as the best, the tournament is a mini worlds. Each region has sent their best team to win the title. To me, SKT seems to be a clear favourite. In the seven

Creating the “Anti-Astralis”

With Danish team Astralis looking like the best team to ever play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it seems that the perfect Danish lineup has been assembled. However, there is a multitude of Danish players scattered across the region

A Quaterly Esports Round Up – As Poetry

Nobody wants to say it, but esports lacks class. While we pretend it’s noble and disciplined, it’s too new and too technologically oriented to be truly considered refined. It’s a guilty pleasure we enjoy when we really know deep down that