COWL Fans – An Interview with Doc Haskell of Boise State Esports


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Aluramore and Howleir spend some time with Doctor Chris Haskell, head coach of Boise State Esports. They talk collegiate Overwatch, what the scene is like, what it’s like as a coach, and how the Overwatch League impacts their scene. Also included, why Carpe would be benched in a collegiate team!

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Causal Overwatch League Fans (COWL Fans) is a Popped Off! podcast hosted by Aaron Adams(Aluramore) and Brian Davis(Howleie). Each week they talk about all things Overwatch League, but cater it specifically to casual fans! No one here is going to lie, they might be a little bit bias towards the Florida Mayhem as well. We’d like to thank the First Baptist Brandon Christian Academy for the use of their studio.

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