E3 2019: The Year of Yelling


This year’s E3 press conferences seemed a bit…weird to say the least. Most notable was all the “unprompted audience participation” throughout the event. We saw this first and foremost during Microsoft’s presser during the Cyberpunk 2077 segment. They brought out Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves to talk about the game, which he will be starring in. During the talk, he said that the world would be “breathtaking”, to which someone in the audience shouted, “you’re breathtaking!”. Obviously, this is a super wholesome moment but set a precedent for the rest of the pressers.

The next notable habitual shouter was at Bethesda’s press conference. We saw the one and only true Bethesda Stan. Though there wasn’t any “heckling”, we could hear his “WOOO YEUGHHHHH” very clearly throughout the presentation. Now I’m not saying being hyped is a bad thing, maybe just mic up the audience more evenly next time.

To round out this interesting new case we have the PC Showcase. This mix match of PC Gaming usually isn’t a big deal, so I wouldn’t expect many highlights. But one we saw was during a segment where they were showing off some new monitors coming out, to which one guy in the audience shouted “Will it be 4K?” as if was a town hall meeting. Like dude chill it’s a monitor, just look it up online.

Now, why is this seem like a new thing all of a sudden? I think it lies in two reasons:

  1. E3 has only just recently, in the past few years, been open to the public. Before this, the audience was filled with journalist nerds typing or writing away trying to break the news for their respective outlets. So this influx of fans would obviously lead to some more hype.
  2. The Keanu clip went viral and I’m sure everybody there knew about it. This opened the door for similar behavior to happen. I would assume next year we won’t see this as much.

So why are we talking about this? Well, that’s simple, it’s funny as hell dude. E3 is a time not only for amazing game announcements but funny ass moments. We need 2019’s Ravi Drums and Bethesda Guy is giving it to us.

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