Cartography: Redridge Mountains

In the debut episode of the Cartography series, James, Maezriel and Warren discuss the Rambo rip-off of Redridge Mountains. Discussing the stories surrounding the people of Lakeshire, the boys dive into what they consider to be one of the best done zones in the Warcraft universe.

Anthropology – The Tauren

Norgannon is a bi-weekly World of Warcraft lore podcast that discusses all things within the Warcraft universe. This can range from character to events, artifacts to factions, and just about anything else you can think of!

The Villains Episode – Class 1A

On this week's episode of Class 1A, we have an overall discussion about the My Hero Academia's villains. From Stain to Overhaul, we talk about our favorite moments, their arcs, and how they changed the show in the long run. Send in
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