Meet the ‘Official’ Products of Esports


Esports is growing at a rapid rate, and it’s attracted a wide range of sponsors. We’ve seen brands such as Kia, Coca-Cola and even Marvel become involved in esports recently. Another way companies are getting involved is by filing trademarks. Trying to get their product dubbed as “The Official Product of Esports.” After seeing Anheuser-Busch, I went to the USPTO trademark database to do some digging.

Today, I would like to present you with a list of “official” esports products. (Well, at least according to their trademarks)

The Official Beer of Esports – Budweiser

Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser’s parent company, applied for a trademark in June of 2019. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Anheuser-Busch involved in esports. Bud Light is a major sponsor of the Overwatch League. They also formed a partnership with Monumental Sports & Entertainment in 2019. Monumental is the ownership group for Wizards District Gaming. Wizards DG is the Washington Wizards’ NBA 2K League Team.

Let’s not talk about what we think about the taste of the beer. It’s very incredible to see Anheuser-Busch continually support esports. They must feel gamers are a growing and important market due to other trademarks filed. Anheuser-Busch filed for “The Official Beer of Gaming” and “the Official Beer of Gamers. as well.

The Official Fabric of Esports – Outlast Technologies

Outlast Technologies is a subsidiary of Raynor Group Companies. Out of all the official products, this is a trademark I found most interesting. The official fabric is something more important than most people think. With how much you sit around in esports, comfort and quality is super important for players and fans.

I really only have one other thing to say about this trademark. Update the trademark so that esports is spelled correctly. C’mon, I mean we made it official like two years ago now.

The Official Chair of Esports – Raynor Gaming

Raynor Gaming is another subsidiary of Raynor Group Companies. They’ve filed for multiple trademarks around chairs in the video game and esports industry. With countless chair manufactures, claiming to be an official chair of esports is something unique. In addition, they also have the trademark for “Official Gaming Chair of Esports” on top of just the official chair.

Raynor is also trying to take advantage of “The Official Fabric of Esports” as well. Combing two official products of esports to try and sell to those that may not know better is something I’m curious if it’ll work. Both of these trademarks are still new, so as a marketer by trade I’m curious to see if this works for them.

The Official Snack of Esports – Gamer Grub

Haven’t heard of Gamer Grub? Well, that’s funny because it is the official snack of esports. Well, at least according to the trademark they filed for in April of 2019. It caught me off-guard considering their website and social media accounts haven’t been updated in years.

So what exactly is Gamer Grub? According to their website, “Gamer Grub® is a delicious performance snack packed with essential vitamins and neurotransmitters to keep you focused and quick.” It comes in four different flavors that include PIzza, BBQ, PB&J, and S’mores.

The Official Drink of Esports – G Fuel

G FUEL, a brand that almost always comes up when talking esports or streaming. If you can find me an amateur esports team that doesn’t have an affiliate code with G FUEL, I’d be shocked. Speaking of affiliate code if you’re looking for 15% your own order of G FUEL, make sure to use code— Nah I’m just kidding. We don’t have an affiliate code, yet.

Out of all the trademarks for an official product, I feel like G FUEL is the one I agree most with. Having the trademark for “The Official Drink of Esports” is something that I support, even though I’ve never actually had it myself.

G FUEL has filed for a couple of other trademarks as well that are related to esports. They have registered the trademarks for “Official Energy Drink of Mobile Gaming” and “Official Energy Drink of Esports”. I’m sure they’re only beginning with trademarks as their product portfolio, and affiliate program grows.

The Official Jerky of Esports – Jerky Pro

Before you read any further than this, please go to Jerky Pro’s website. If it was 2009, a jacked bull with fire in the background would scream video games. Unfortunately, it’s no longer 2009, and the website was created earlier this year. The trademark for “The Official Jerky of Esports” was also filed earlier this year in January.

This is honestly the one trademark where I was disappointed after seeing the owner. I don’t know if it is my upbringing, but when I think beef jerky, I think Jack Links. After seeing a large brand like Anheuser-Busch file for an esports related trademark, I had high hopes that possibly Jack Links could follow suit and do the same.

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