NBA 2K League Season 2 Preview: Bucks Gaming


Last Year

Bucks Gaming finished with a record of 6-8 in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League, which placed them in the 11th seed. The highlight of their season was beating the No. 4 Seed 76ers Gaming Club in the opening round of THE TICKET Tournament. Bucks Gaming retained their scoring and assists leader Aaron “Game6Drake,” Rockwood, and their rebounding leader Jovan “BigMeek” Tenner heading into the Season 2 draft.

Draft Analysis

Bucks Gaming provided the audience with the first moment of confusion on draft night when they selected Tyler “Plondo” Lay with the No. 6 pick. Plondo is a good player but was expected to be taken in the late first round or early second round in many mock drafts. Pre-draft chatter suggested the Bucks would select Plondo, but no one expected Bucks Gaming to select him with their No. 6 pick. Perhaps Bucks Gaming knows something that we do not and were worried another team was also interested in Plondo.

With their No. 17 pick, Bucks Gaming selected Stephen “SlayIsland” Lay, which was practically guaranteed. Both Bucks Gaming and SlayIsland showed mutual interest in each other given that SlayIsland resides in Milwaukee.

At picks No. 26 and No. 60, Bucks Gaming selected Chad “chaddynick” Fodderie and Robert “RSG” Harter respectively. Prior to draft night, Bucks Gaming showed a lot of interest in both players.

Bucks Gaming leaves the draft coming away with a good amount of talent on their roster, although it is safe to say that there was better talent on the board when they selected Plondo and SlayIsland. Regardless of any criticism that may come about, Bucks Gaming selected their pre-draft targets and they placed a priority on chemistry over talent.

Season Two Prediction

I predict that Season 2 of the NBA 2K League will be almost identical to what the inaugural season looked like for Bucks Gaming. There will be flashes of a potential playoff team, but at the end of the season they will find themselves on the outside looking in. They will play around with their lineup numerous times throughout the year, mostly keeping Game6Drake at the point guard position and rotating other players in other positions. The Bucks will have trouble finding a lineup that works for them, but their tight knit chemistry will keep them in the hunt.

Prediction: 7-9 regular season record, 11th seed

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