NBA 2K League Season 2 Preview: Cavs Legion Gaming Club


Last Year

Cavs Legion Gaming Club finished the inaugural season with a strong 8-6 record. They received the fifth seed heading into the playoffs. Cavs Legion looked like a potential title contender throughout the season and that carried into the playoffs. They lost to the eventual NBA 2K League Champions in the semifinals, Knicks Gaming.

In the inaugural season, the Cavs were lead by Brandon “Hood” Caicedo, who finished with an average of 29.2 PPG. At seasons end, Cavs Legion retained Hood but later traded him to T-Wolves Gaming for Timothy “oLARRY” Anselimo.

Along with oLARRY, Cavs Legion retained Gerald “Sick x 973” and Marcus “Godddof2k” Glenn heading into season two.

Draft Analysis

Cavs Legion selected Cody “LYKaPRO” Hart with the No. 18 pick in the first round. Many teams likely did not have LYKaPRO on their draft boards before the third or fourth round. But, the season one veteran had an impressive combine and off-season. After all, Cavs Legion did let the community know that they were only considering guards in the draft. They get a guard and a veteran with this selection.

With the No. 51 pick, Cavs Legion selected William “Strainer” Morales. Strainer is a terrific sharpshooter that fell to Cavs Legion in the third round. Strainer would fit well on any team given his upbeat and positive personality.

Christopher “SavageDoWerk” Tracey is returning to Cleveland for season two after being selected with the No. 72 pick by Cavs Legion. SavageDoWerk is already familiar with the Cavs Legion culture and produced a lot of minutes in the sixth man role last year.

Season Two Prediction

LYKaPRO is going to be the lead guard for Cavs Legion. A role that is completely different from his role with Warriors Gaming Squad last season. After his impressive off season, I think he is ready to become a good point guard in this league. He will have Sick x 973 to use in the pick and roll game, and he will also be able to kick it out to his new sharpshooter, Strainer.

It will be interesting to see what players fall into what roles for Cavs Legion. Sick x 973 was a solid center last year, but now Cavs Legion has oLARRY on their team. SavageDoWerk was the sixth man last season, but contributed just as much, if not more, than the rest of the team. It would be hard to imagine he would be slotted in the sixth man role again.

I predict that Cavs Legion is going to experience a little bit of turbulence to the start of their season, but once they find their identity, they will be a tough match-up. This team is made up of mostly season one veterans and good people, it is going to work out well for them.

Prediction: 8-8 regular season record, 9th seed

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