NBA 2k League Season Preview: Nets Gaming Crew


Last Season

The NBA 2K League announced on August 15, 2018 that the Brooklyn Nets, along with three other teams, would join the original 17 teams for season two.

With the No. 2 and No. 7 picks in the expansion draft, Nets Gaming Crew selected Nathaniel “NateKahl” Kahl and Moshood “Shockey” Balogun Jr., respectively. NateKahl was known as one of the best defenders in the inaugural season and was the NBA 2K League Finals MVP.

Shockey was an addition to the Pacers Gaming roster mid-season and immediately proved he was good enough to play in the league. Shockey averaged a double-double with 14.8 points and 10.5 rebounders per game. Heading into the draft, NetsGC had a strong defensive duo to build around.

Draft Analysis

Nets GC selected Isaiah “WavyZay” Hancock with the No. 12 pick. I consider this a reach because there was a lot of great talent still on the board, but it is hard to believe WavyZay would have fell to the NetsGC next selection. They were confident in him as a player, so they got their man.

With the No. 31 pick, NetsGC were able to grab Aziz “Shuttles” Salem. Shuttles is going to be a great player for NetsGC and will compliment both NateKahl and Shockey well.

To round out draft night, NetsGC had the No. 46 pick and No.65 pick where they selected Joel “Lavish” Lazu and Charles “Chaz” Newell, respectively. Both players are solid, and were good picks for what was left in the draft pool when NetsGC selected.

Season Two Prediction

NetsGC has established a culture of little talk and working hard heading into the season. Nets GC is not going to be blowing up Twitter timelines hyping themselves up, that is not what they need nor want to do. They just want to get to work.

It is hard to believe there is going to be any team chemistry issues this season, which is perhaps the most important element to a successful season.

This team is going to be very good. They will always be on the same page and they will be no issues holding each other accountable.

Prediction: 9-7 regular season record, 6th seed

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