New Blood: FURIA’s Rise to Dominance


For three years, the South American Counter Strike:Global Offensive scene was ruled by the core trio of Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga , and Marcelo “coldzera” David. The trio moved from team to team, but always remained the best. While on Luminosity Gaming in 2016, the Brazilians managed to take home two back-to-back major trophies, as well as win a slew of other events. The Brazilian takeover was swift, as coldzera hit a peak that rivaled legends such as Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson and Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund in their primes.

The Brazilian scene flourished under the reign of Luminosity Gaming and eventually SK Gaming, as well as the second-best Brazilian team Immortals becoming a dark horse in large tournaments. However, as quickly as the Brazilian scene rose to prominence, it crumbled just as quickly. After player conflicts within Immortals caused the dissolution of the team, SK Gaming began to lose their spark as a team.

After cycling through Brazilian and even North American talent, it became clear that the South American’s reign had ended. But with new talent rising through the ranks, it seems that there may still be hope for the Brazilian scene. FURIA Esports, a new organization, has taken the North American Leagues by storm and looks to make a splash on the international stage soon.

The team burst onto the North American scene due to boasting several young and promising but unpolished players. Two of the players within the organization, Yuri “yuurih” Santos and Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato are both 19 years old and have ratings above 1.20 over the past three months.

The team has already defeated other large Brazilian teams Luminosity Gaming and INTZ Esports in best of three series, and is currently participating in the ESL One Cologne 2019 Closed Qualifier. Winning this tournament will be huge for the team, as they will be able to attend their first large scale event together.

It is unclear how long we will see this core together for. One of the issues upstart teams face is having players get poached by larger organizations. When a team such as MIBR starts to slump, it is almost a guarantee that the organization will look to pick up young talent.

This could ruin the chemistry that the team has taken so long to build, and could halt the development of the players. With the closed qualifier ending soon, all eyes will be on FURIA to perform. If they place first, the young team could have a chance to show their skill on one of the largest stages in Counter Strike.  

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