Our E3 Game of the Show


There are around 15,213 websites and channels that do an E3 Game of the Show. We kind of felt left out, so we wanted to throw our hat in the ring and make it 15,214! It has been so much fun to cover the E3 conferences this year, so crowning a game of the show is the best way to end it all.

Our Decision-Making Process

It was not easy to come to a decision on a single E3 game of the show. James, Dylan and I traveled an incredible distance to reach the Cave of Gamers. We deliberated in the Cave of Gamers for days, and we did not know if we’d make it through the process. In the end, scared and bloodied, we were able to pick our game of the show.

Actually, it was a very quick process that only took a couple of minutes of discussion! Which was rough considering how far we traveled to get to the Cave of Gamers. The Cave of Gamers is an incredible place, I recommend every do their deliberations there.

Our Honorable Mentions

We had two honorable mentions that received votes for E3 Game of the Show. I threw in Deathloop, and Dylan picked Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. James had only one vote and that was what ended up being our final choice.

I picked Deathloop because the little we know about the story sounds so cool, and it can go in so many directions. I mean, two trained assassins there for their own reason, that can reset a time loop by killing each other. You cannot tell me that doesn’t sound like a super fun game. In the end, we did not see any gameplay and there are still so many unknowns that I couldn’t fight very hard for it.

Dylan’s original vote was for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. I have never heard of the game, but he was super excited about it. We haven’t seen a game in the series since 2004, where it was a cult classic. The idea of seeing modern vampires in an RPG was enough for him to vote for it. He also ended up agreeing with James and me, and selected his second option for Game of the Show.

Our Game of the Show

Cyberpunk 2077. This is by no means an underdog or a surprise to anyone reading this. It was one of the most hype games coming into E3, and the conference only made it bigger. Sure that was mostly because of Keanu Reeves, but that isn’t Keanu’s fault.

For those of you that don’t know, Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming first-person RPG from CD Projekt Red. Cyberpunk is based off a 1988 tabletop game called Cyberpunk 2020. The game is set 57 years after that in Night City, California. Not a ton is currently known about the game’s main story, but last year we saw 48 minutes of gameplay.

The game got a new cinematic trailer at the Microsoft Conference this year. This is where Keanu Reeves comes into the picture as it was announced he is a major character in the game. He then came on stage and gave us two very important things. First off, he called everyone breathtaking. Secondly, he gave us a release date for Cyberpunk 20777.

Cyberpunk is set to be released on April 16th, 2020. This is a lot earlier than anyone expected with most people thinking it was a next-gen game. I honestly don’t know if they’re going to hit that release date or not. I hope they do, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they delayed it a couple of months like The Witcher 3.

The reason we ended up going with Cyberpunk is ultimately what the game is promising. The idea of a Wither 3 quality game put in a cyberpunk aesthetic is something we’ve never seen before. In addition to that, they’ve talked about stopping in the middle of the main quest to grab a burger will affect the world around you.

The game is promising the moon, and I think we’re all curious to see what it actually plays like. I know all of us will be talking about is leading up to release, and even more, after we start playing.

So now I’m curious, what is your E3 Game of the Show? Did you select Cyberpunk 2077, or a game we didn’t even talk about? Let us know on Twitter what you picked!

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