Project Esports – Apex Legends & OWL Community Countdown



This week on Project Esports, Dylan, Andrew, and James take jabs at Activision/Blizzard, get amped for Overwatch League Season 2, jump the gun on Apex Legends Esports, and wrangle of whole host of technical issues. Though their internet may be scuffed the boys still get you their takes!


This week rumours have been floating around that Activision/Blizzard will be having a series of layoffs, most likely aimed at departments such as marketing and PR. The boys speculate on some of the reasons for this, including the overall shift the company is making since the Activision purchase of the company. Though things aren’t looking too good for Blizzard, hopefully this will mark the bottoming out for the company.

With terrible news out of the way the boys talk some (mostly good) Overwatch League news! The bit of controversy came about during the Overwatch League “Pre-Season” games this past week were players more or less goofed off. But with the season about to kick-off February 14th, Valentines Day, Overwatch announces that Coca-Cola will be the non-alcoholic beverage of the Overwatch League.

Lastly, the boys discuss the explosion APEX Legends, EA’s hot new Battle Royal game, has had on the scene. So much so that NRG is already looking to pick up APEX Legends players for their team. Dylan bring some insight in on the big streamer push EA had on Twitch and Andrew/James give their personal takes on how the game plays.

Though there were a few technical issues with the Live Show this week, the boys (mostly) made it through! Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

Articles discussed:

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