Project Esports – Call of Duty’s Format, Konami Esports Tower and Riot Partnership



This week on the Project Esports Podcast, the boys jump into some good and some bad Call of Duty news. CWL Fort Worth is starting this week and another team owner is being scummy. Then the boys cry as they talk about their teams losing all stage in the Overwatch League. They jump onto a higher note when James talks about The Special Olympics teaming up with Riot games for a stream-a-thon. After Dylan gets everyone hyped up for Konomi’s (RIP Silent Hills) new 14 story building dedicated to esports. Then they boys round out the stream with some honorable mentions. A jam packed episode you won’t want to miss!


The boys kick off the episode with some Call of Duty news. They discuss CWL Fort Worth and the state of Call of Duty esports. There are for sure some heated opinions over Call of Duty in the esports scene. Then sticking with Call of Duty news, Excelerate Gaming CEO Justin Tan, admits to wrongdoing, with all the allegations of blackmail and payment neglection. Dylan tries to not go FULL on communist with this one, but the boys do agree this kind of action is too common and too terrible.

Moving on from angry to sad, the boy’s talk about their Overwatch League teams, who ALL happen to be bottom three this season. Though the 0-7 memes are strong, Andrew still stands strong. He has some choice discussion points around the removal of Moon as head coach for the team.

They then move onto a lighter note, when James talks about Riot Games partnering up with The Special Olympics for a Stream-A-Thon event. Hopefully this is a first for many!

Then the boys talk about Konomi and their planned 14 story esports dedicated building. This type of infrastructure really hypes up the idea of Esports in Japan. A lot of advances have been made, there just need to be a few more sticking items to really get that cultural push.

Then the boys round out the night with some honorable mentions included OWL Charge’s academy team “GZA”, Tech N9ne gives TSM Myth new music to premiere on his stream, and Crumbz is returning to the LCS analyst desk.

Don’t forget you can catch Dylan and Andrew at PAX East 2019 March 27th – 31st. If you want to meet them in person please reach out to them on Twitter @TheEsportsPod. Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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