Project Esports – COD Crossplay, 100T Blowing Up, Walmart Jerseys


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On this week’s episode of Project Esports, Andrew has left Dylan and James alone. Though their episode is scuffed, they still get a chance to talk Call of Duty getting crossplay in their latest release, 100 Thieves blowing up in the news, and Walmart Picking up LCS Jerseys for their online stores. James and Dylan also get a chance to dunk on Dignitas for partnering up with the worst streaming platforms, Caffeine.

Project Esports is Popped Off!’s weekly esports podcast where the group talks about all things the biggest topics and news stories in esports. The podcast is live streamed on Popped Off’s Twitch channel every Monday at 6:30pm EST and cover the previous week’s news.

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Articles discussed:
Dignitas partners with Caffeine for exclusive content on the streaming platform – Adam Newell
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most-registered Evo 2019 tournament right now – Adam Newell
Cash App announced as sponsor for 100 Thieves’ content house – Aiden Hiko
100 Thieves welcomes CouRageJD to its content creator team – Tyler Esguerra
Walmart is selling official LCS jerseys and merch – Preston Byers

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