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This week on the Project Esports, James and Dylan are joined by friend of the pod and Overwatch writer Kate Shepard (@Sybil_OW). They talk about the Simpsons’ League of Legends parody episode, Overwatch League Season 2 Stage 1 end, Tie-Breakers, region based matches coming 2020, and Aldi’s UK Teatime Takedown. Be sure to tune in for this meme dense episode!


The boys kick off this week by introducing special guest Kate Shepard (@Sybil_OW), she is an Overwatch Writer for The Game Haus and a Slytherin.

The first news topic on the docket is the Simpsons’ League of Legends parody episode. Though Dylan is the only one to see it, the episode made serious waves in the esports community. The episode brushes over esports fairly neutrally, so no real major negative impact.

Then Kate takes the boys in depth with Project Overwatch, your favorite podcast within a podcast. They start off with Washington Justice, Dylan’s team, beating out Florida Mayhem, James’ team. With this win Justice sees their first win of the stage. They then go into overall sentiments for how this stage 1 went. Though it was a crazy goats filled stage, everyone has high hopes for next stage.With the stage coming to a close, we also have two tie breaker matches before play-offs, that will be played off stream. They wrap up Project Overwatch with touching upon OWL’s 2020 region based matches and if they will work out or not.

Dylan then brings us into ESPN’s Collegiate Esports Championship. The tournament will take place May 10-12, 2019  in Houston. It will feature a whole host of games including Overwatch, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm. This is an amazing partnership between ESPN, TESPA, and CSL. The Street Fighter Five qualifier will take place at top tier collegiate events including: UC Berkeley, Ohio State University, Rutgers Scarlet Classic, UConn (Husky Gaming), and CSL Grand Finals in Atlantic City. This will be the biggest coming together for collegiate esports we have seen yet. Stay tuned for our thoughts during the event.

James takes everyone into the end of the show with some sweet sweet meme filled drama with Aldi UK’s Teatime Takedown. Aldi’s is running a campaign to have parents give their children’s gamertag to pros, so that then can go and “pwn” them so hard they get off the computer. This story is so ridiculous, everyone has a field day ragging on it.

Don’t forget you can catch Dylan and Andrew at PAX East 2019 March 27th – 31st. If you want to meet them in person please reach out to them on Twitter @TheEsportsPod. Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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