Project Esports – ESPN Collegiate Championships, NYXL Spring Rally, Ninja boycotts Fortnite w/ @JonahReads



This week on the Project Esports Podcast Dylan and James are joined by special guest Jonah Wang (@JonahReads). They discuss collegiate esports with ESPN collegiate championships Overwatch Top 8 and NYXL Spring Rally Finals at Rutgers University’ Scarlet Classic. They also dive into Ninja’s boycott of Fortnite and wrap it up with some Overwatch News!


The boys kick off this week by talking collegiate esports. Special Guest Jonah (@JonahReads) is a former collegiate leader and player so Dylan gets to hype out all he wants. The first collegiate story is ESPN Collegiate Championships Overwatch top 8. The top 8 teams include Utah Esports, GCU Esports, Harrisburg University, Rutgers Esports, Maryville, OrangeCoast, Tespa Carleton, and NJIT Esports. This bracket is stacked! The event will conclude  May 10, 2019 – Mon, May 13, 2019.

The next collegiate news on the docket is the  NYXL Spring Rally $10,000 Collegiate Tournament. The top 4 teams have been selected and include Rutgers, NJIT, Pitt, and UConn. The top 4 will conclude at the Scarlet Classic V at Rutgers University April 14th. Jonah will be commenting at this event so you won’t want to miss out!

Moving on the boys jump into Ninja News! The big topic with Ninja this week is around the new Fortnite patch. The patch changes are so controversial that players are upset, this includes Ninja, who is currently boycotting the game until it gets fixed. The guys talk about the impacts of this on game design.

The boys then wrap up the show the boys take Jonah into Project Overwatch, your favorite podcast within a podcast. Jonah has unique experience with im37, so they get special insight into his highlight moment with Danny Lim. Then Dylan gets heated with Blizzard banning the okay sign, but this time at gamers! For his full take check out his article on Popped Off.

The boys then take a more somber note to discuss Effect’s retirement from the League and the hardships he has been through. See his full statement here (TW suicide, self-harm).

The nights honorable mentions include: Kibler doesn’t know what YEET means, SKT sweep KINGZONE to set up a dream LCK final vs.Griffin, and T3 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!

Thank against to special guest Jonah Wang (@JonahReads)! Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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Overwatch Collegiate Championship: Players to Watch From the Final Eight Teams – Connor Knudsen

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