Project Esports – Esports at PAX, April Fools and Goodbye Dafran



This week on the Project Esports Podcast Andrew and Dylan are back from PAX East 2019 and ready to kill it with their #1 Canadian James. They tackle PAX Esports, MTGA Mythic Invitational, April Fools 2019, Dafran leaving competitive Overwatch, and FlyQuest beating Golden Guardians.


The boys kick off this week by talking their PAX East 2019 trip. Andrew and Dylan got a chance to meet IRL for the first time and meme hard. They checked out a few panels and found some interesting games. If you want to see the full recap you can find that here. PAX East also hosted the MTGA Mythic Invitational. Dylan runs down this event. The big drama was the duo-standard format and the implication it has on Magic as an esports and its paper counterpart.

They boys then get into a HEATED talk on April Fools. James leads the discussion on r/games locking their sub to promote LGBT/Minority charities to counteract the toxic nature of the gaming community. Then when the boys get into April Fools 2019, Dylan Bring out the Block™ for Gamers and Corporations. Andrew then defends the honor of marketing professionals everywhere.

To cool off the boys jump into Project Overwatch, your favorite podcast within a podcast. The big news this week is Defran leaving competitive Overwatch. Though he will remain on Atlanta Reign as a full time streamer, this is still huge news after his first stage of Overwatch League. Dylan and Andrew have another classic back and forth over what this means for the Overwatch League as a whole.

To wrap up the show, James brings us into the League of Legends zone with FlyQuest beating Golden Guardians. The shocker is big news for #1 FlyQuest fan Andrew.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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