Project Esports – EVO 2019, Ninja on Mixer, and Varsity Overwatch


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This week’s episode of Project Esports, the boys talk EVO 2019 (Andrew was actually there!), Ninja moving to Mixer, Tespa picking up Varsity Overwatch, and Hearthstone Format Changes.

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Project Esports is a Popped Off! podcast that is hosted by Andrew Nimsgern, James Graham and Dylan Beal. Each week, the three of them talk about the biggest topics and news stories from across the esports industry. The podcast is live-streamed every Monday on Popped Off!’s Twitch channel at 7pm PST/10pm EST and covers the previous week’s news.

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The International Prize Pool Watch:

Each week the boys will make a prediction on what they think The International Prize Pool is currently at. This week’s predictions were:

  • Andrew – $ 31,750,000
  • Dylan – $ 31,300,000
  • James – $ 31,450,000

The prize pool was sitting at around $31,656,000, so Andrew will take home the victory for this week’s prize pool watch!

Fight Games Memes!

Cell Yell, Jebaited, Classic Melty

This week’s Articles:

Hearthstone dumps the Specialist format for the 2nd season of Grandmasters – Time Clark
Just go to Slasher’s Twitter – Rod Breslau aka Slasher aka #1 Esports Consultant

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