Project Esports – EVO Line Up, Nike signs deal with LPL and a Tetris 99 Player



This week on the Project Esports Podcast, the boys talk about Spacestation Gaming picking up Wumbotize for Tetris 99, Nike and LPL partnership, Doublelift calling out Locodoco, Baku and Genn Leaving Hearthstone, and IEM Katowice CS:GO Finals. So many different esports lined up this week!


The boys kick off this week with everyone’s favorite Battle Royal, Tetris 99! Spacestation Gaming picking up Wumbotize. This is the first major pickup for the Tertis 99 scene, so we could see some more pickups and even some tournaments in the future.

Next up we have one of the biggest partnerships for LPL, with their big announcement they’ll me teaming up with Nike. For this partnership all staff and players will be wearing Nike Apparel. This is huge, because it creates a major baseline for all new partnerships within esports going forward. This comes on the heels of NBA2K and champion doing something similar.

James then hops right into some spicy League of Legends news. This week Doublelift called out Locodoco for not knowing his stuff. James digs into this because he is on Doublelift’s side. Andrew brings up a good point that this may discourage some new content creators out there, if they think they don’t have all the knowledge about their esports.

Then Dylan gets hyped up for some FGC talk with EVO’s lineup announcement. There are some big surprises like Under Night in Birth and Samurai Shodown. The big news with this is that Super Smash Brothers Melee will not be a featured game. This is leads to one of the biggest arguments in Project Esports history between Dylan/James and Andrew.

Dylan keep on his rant of tier 2 esports with some Hearthstone news. Baku and Genn are leaving standard a year earlier than normal, and this is creating some big waves.

The boys wrap up the show with EM Katowice CS:GO Finals. These finals were full of clutch plays, amazing production, and some serious emotions. This was one for the books for sure. Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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