Project Esports – Farming Simulator League, LCS Impressions and Toxicity in Esports



This week on Project Esports, Andrew and James hold down the fort while Dylan is gone. The boys talk about the biggest Esport of 2019, Farming Simulator League. Outside of that important discussion, they talk about their first impressions of LCS opening weekend, toxicity in Esports and more!


James and Andrew kick it off for a duo show this week, starting it off with breaking down their general impressions of the newly dubbed “LCS”. They discuss the highs and lows of their teams (James CLG and Andrew 100T), and what their big takeaways of the league were. Whilst this was going on, James had a full-blown fanboy fit about a particular live listener.

Next, they move on to what might be considered their craziest topic to date – Farming Simulator League. A subtle esport that’s blowing up in the best way possible, seeing an insane prize pool and greatly organized by the game’s developer. James and Andrew weigh in on the league’s start up and what they expect from it, all while trying to wrap their head around this idea, and what it means for the future of simulator esports.

Moving on, the pair discuss the movement that North esports started attempting to put an end to toxicity in esports after receiving insane amounts of negative feedback from their fanbase – and not just criticism. Their feedback was to the point of death threats. Following this twitter movement that North started, tons of organizations joined in this, including xhamster. James and Andrew wade their way through this touchy and in-depth topic and how it affects the greater scope of esports.

Furthering this episode of dreary topics, the NCAA enters the mix again, but with a silver lining. Recent news let the boys know that the NCAA isn’t looking to enter esports due to “violence”, which much to James’ pleasure, calling it a cop out.

Ending the night, the two discuss some financial numbers related to esports. Despite not having their outspoken third, Andrew and James make this an episode worthy of checking out!

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