Project Esports – Fortnite World Cup, LCL Issues and Comcast’s New Partnership



This week on Project Esports, the boys talk about the announcement of Fortnite World Cup and their $100 Million prize pool, hit up some Project Overwatch for Shanghai Dragon hype, LCL’s Riot Russia cluster, Hearthstone’s new specialist former, and the Comcast Spector x SK Telecom partnership. This is a jam packed episode you don’t want to miss!


The boys kick of the episode talking about the new Fortnite World Cup season with a few changes to the format as well as the continuation of a $100 Million prize pool. It is very likely that the winner of some of these will go on to be one of the highest esports earners of all time. This sets a whole new level for esports, and not all the boys are hyped on it as others.

Then they jump into Project Overwatch Podcast, a podcast within a podcast, to talk about all things Overwatch this week. The big news this week is the Shanghai Dragons finally winning their 1st game ever!!! They talk about the hype surrounded by the streak being broken in the Overwatch League, as well as a few other smaller Overwatch League topics.

Then the boys get fired up with the drama in the LCL, Russia’s League of Legends League, and the issues surrounding Vaevictis. There are so many issues going on in that region, you’ll have to listen to get the full story! It’s a doozy.

The anger continues when Dylan explains Hearthstone’s new specialist format, which involves s shift to one hero per player tournaments. This seems like a misstep towards trying to make the game more like Magic The Gathering and their side boarding system. This attempt seems like a DUD!

Then the boys wrap up the show with the Comcast x SK Telecom partnership, one of the first of its kind. SKT1 will start going as T1, and we WILL NOT see any changes to Comcast’s Overwatch League Team Philly Fusion. Hopefully this partnership will take SKT1 far and help esports along with it. Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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