Project Esports – Hearthstone Trouble, OWL Stage One Finals and the Nittany Invitational



This week on the Project Esports Podcast the boys dive in on Dreamhack’s DreamLeague Season 11, Overwatch League News, Hearthstone’s decline, LCS + LEC Playoffs Ready, and Dylan going to Penn State’s Nittany Invitational.


The boys kick off this week by talking Dreamhack’s DreamLeague Season 11. With this amazing event coming to an end, Vici takes it. Dreamhack puts on consistently strong events, and this was no different. They truly hold the mantle of one of Europe’s best production and events companies for esports.

Then the boys take us into Project Overwatch, our favorite podcast within a podcast. This week we come off of OWL Season 1 Stage 1 Finals. The Vancouver Titans take it in one of the best series we have seen yet. The games aired on ABC to a pretty typical controversial audience. Dylan wraps up Project Overwatch with new of Philly Fusion’s new arena coming for 2020’s Home Games.

Dylan then talks about his favorite topic, the decline of Hearthstone. This time it comes with “some” good news. Blizzard has implemented a new deck auto fill algorithm that is actually really good, and cane make decks fit what the meta looks like. But with that the game has also seen a 52% decline in revenue. Hopefully they can change the course and bring the game back to where it needs to be to succeed.

James then takes everyone in the League of Legends zone with some LCS and LEC news. Echo Fox has been slaying the field, getting the name Titan Slayers. The boys also highlight FlyQuest for their killer content they have been releasing on their social media recently.

Dylan then closes out the main topics with news from the field. He took a trip to his alma mater, Penn State, for their Nittany Invitational. The event was a great coming together of a variety of schools and games. Schools that came out included RIT, Rutgers, and GWU. Games there included Street Fighter V, League of Legends, Rocket League, and their highest viewed game Rainbow Six Siege. Siege brought in 3,000 concurrent views for the PSU vs. RIT match.

Don’t forget you can catch Dylan and Andrew at PAX East 2019 March 27th – 31st. If you want to meet them in person please reach out to them on Twitter @TheEsportsPod. Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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