Project Esports – LoL Spring Finals, 2K League Fights, and Goodbye Clutch Gaming?



This week on the Project Esports Podcast the boys talk Rockets selling majority share in Clutch Gaming, Kate Mitchell stepping down, Local Esports Sponsors,  G2/Liquid/SKT League News, Rutgers winning NYXL Spring Rally, and the 2K “Fight”.


The boys kick off this week by talking the Rockets agree to sell majority stake in Clutch Gaming to 76ers for $20 million. This news comes with it the return of Dignitas! As a part of the deal, Clutch Gaming will rebrand back to Dignitas gaming.

Then the boys jump right into Project Overwatch, your favorite podcast within a podcast. First news up is Outlaws adding H-E-B as sponsor. This is one of the first local sponsors to jump into OWL and is what they need to succeed on the local level. Then Andrew gets his time to get hyped over Valiant winning a game for the first time this season. Then the guys talk about something a little more somber. Kate Mitchell stepping down as assistant general manager of Washington Justice. This comes off the incredibly toxic nature of the esports community with a high stress environment. We encourage you all to read her own words on the subject here.

Then Andrew and James get to go off about some big League of Legends news with G2, Team Liquid, and SKT. Most teams locked in to MSI and it is beginning to look like a monster of an event. In Prediction King news Andrew was SUPER right about G2. His prediction was so good they have awarded him 1.5 points.

In collegiate esports news, Rutgers Esports wins NYXL Spring Rally. The NYXL Spring Rally came to a close at The Scarlet Classic, which is hosted by Rutgers Esports. In a good storyline for esports, Rutgers took home the win at their own event.

The final large topic is the 2k Fight! A small scuffle between players caused a small fine and a one game suspension for those involved. Now this wasn’t a huge fight, but physical altercations are a new thing for esports.

The nights honorable mentions include: Nintendo supporting a competitive Tetris 99 event that lasted this week and Epic Games starting to address the Fornite issues.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast..

Articles discussed:

Rockets agree to sell majority stake in Clutch Gaming to 76ers for $20 million – Jacob Wolf

Houston Outlaws add H-E-B as latest sponsor – Luke Goodling

Washington Justice’s assistant general manager Kate Mitchell to step down at the end of stage 2 – Rachel Samples

Rutgers University defeats New Jersey Institute of Technology in NYXL Spring Rally – Rachel Samples

The NBA 2K League has announced the punishment for three players that were involved in a fight that occurred after a match between the Celtics Crossover Gaming and Hawks Talon GC.

Tetris 99 is hosting the second Maximus Cup this weekend – Adam Newell

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