Project Esports – Overwatch All-Access Pass, MK11 Esports and Australian Scholarships



This week on Project Esports, Dylan, Andrew and James discuss Mortal Kombat 11 and their moves into esports, Australia, Germany and China’s opinions on esports (good and bad), and the Overwatch All Access Pass. Easily one of the most heated episodes to date!


To kick things off, the boys breakdown the Access Pass and weigh the pros and cons of spending the extra cash to improve the OWL experience. Dylan’s leaving things in the observers hands, James’ in letting his fanboy flag fly and picking it up, and Andrew of course is all over it. To add to the OWL hype, the lads chat about the transition from the old merchandise store to the new one.

Next, Dylan gets to itch his FGC fix and gets to talk about the new Mortal Kombat, adding some great commentary about the difference between the FGC and esports. Dylan talks about how good it is that Mortal Kombat is implementing esports into the game, but hopes they tread lightly as this has failed in the past – Andrew and James agree with the sentiment.

Following this, Dylan dons the executioner’s hood as the trio start discussing Australia and Germany’s takes on esports – and how much they differ from China’s back and forth advances. Where Andrew and James take a reasonable approach, Dylan goes full send calling for what’s known as “The Block”.

Finally, Genesis 6 rounds off the night. As Dylan reiterates that Smash Bros and the FGC are not one in the same, the three revel in the fact that an esports tournament competed heavily with the Superbowl. With an episode that spawned some of the hottest memes coming from the boys, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Articles discussed:

“Australian Education Expert Slams University Esports Scholarships” – Jeff Greenberg
China Approves Esports Careers as Professions” – No Listed Author

“Bizarre Phrase from Olympic Federation President – Apparently “Esports Doesn’t Exist” – No Listed Author

“Mortal Kombat 11 Introduces Esports Future for the Franchise” – Chaf Cancel

Overwatch All Access Pass Information

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