Project Esports – OWL 2019 Opening Weekend, R6 Invitational and Tetris Esports, Again?



This week on Project Esports, the boys hype out over Tetris 99 as the next Battle Royal Game, Big Rainbow Six Siege Changes, with the insane invitational, Overwatch League Kick-Off week, EVO Japan and their “Core Values”, and Tencent Introduces Streaming Rules. Plus much more in the honorable mentions! This is a jam packed episode you won’t want to miss!


This week’s Project Esports Podcast kick off with Dylan popping off about Tetris. Yes that’s right, Dylan’s new fringe esports of the week is Tetris 99. He gives the boys a crash course on Tetris Classic, Tetris 99, and how this new “Battle Royal” is HYPE.

Then James gets his chance to pop off talking about Rainbow 6 Siege. He starts off giving the boys a run down of an insane overtime map at the R9 Invitational. He then follows up with telling everyone about the HUGE rework Ubisoft did to the game, in line with some of the community’s biggest asks.

Then the boys get to the MEAT of the podcast for Project Overwatch, a podcast within a podcast, where they talk about the Overwatch League Season 2 kick-off week. Though all their teams lost their first games, the boys are still hyped on OWL more than ever. Dylan gives his run down on his viewing party in DC, James talks about his 3 stream set up, and Andrew gives us insight on his high tech analyst viewing station.

The boys then hop over the the meme of the week in the FGC with “Core Values”. With EVO Japan came Dead or Alive 6 coverage, which was full of scantily clad imagery, to which owner of EVO Mr. Wizard came out and apologized saying it wasn’t part of their “Core Values”

Then finally the boys talk about Tencent Introducing Streaming Rules and wax poetic about copyright law. Though none of them are lawyers, that doesn’t stop the armchair expertise we expect from the boys each and every week!  Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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