Project Esports – Prediction King Results and Bold Predictions for 2019



With the start of 2019 comes with the a new round of PREDICTION KING. In this special episode the boys crown their 2018 prediction king and deliberate over their 2019 predictions in hopes of becoming the new (or 2 time) prediction king.


Prediction King is Project Esports’ year long game to find out who knows the most about how different aspects of the esports industry will pan out over the year. The rules are simple, each host gets to make three (3) bold predictions each year, every prediction that comes to fruition is one (1) point. BUT additional predictions can also be made on the fly anytime during the year, as long as all hosts agree to it and take a side. This usually pans out to “who will win The OWL Grand Finals, Team A or Team B?”. Finally once the year is up the person with the most points will be deemed THE PREDICTION KING of that year.

The boys start of this very special episode by looking back on their past year of Project Esports, now this is very easy to do because the guys just finished listening to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE they recorded that year, because it turns out no one actually kept track of who had how many points for prediction king. Though they were exhausted from hearing themselves talk for eight (8) hours straight, the boys did what they always do best, hear themselves talk even more.

With the remitting out of the way it came down to crowing Prediction King 2018. Though everyone had some good takes, there was only one (1) clear winner. Once the winner was crown, the other salty runners up quickly moved on to Prediction King 2019, with some BOLD PREDICTIONS.

The predictions this year range pretty wildly from Magic The Gathering Esports, NCAA in collegiate esports talk, new esports, and so much more! Be sure to listen to this week’s special Project Esports to get ALL the juicy details. Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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