Project Esports – Riot Games Investigation, Epic Games Not Paying and Mini-Interview with Dr. Drew Schwartz


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On this week’s episode of Project Esports, Andrew and Dylan are joined by special guest Dr. Drew Schwartz (For the Wellness Blog). The guys talk Riot Games being investigated by the state of California, Epic Games not paying out Fornite prize money, Magic Pro League issues, and The US Army partnering with Complexity Gaming. Dylan and Andrew also get a chance to ask a few questions to Dr. Schwartz!

Project Esports is Popped Off!’s weekly esports podcast where the group talks about all things the biggest topics and news stories in esports. The podcast is live streamed on Popped Off’s Twitch channel every Monday at 6:30pm EST and cover the previous week’s news.

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Articles discussed:
The State Of California Is Investigating Riot Games For Gender Discrimination – Cecilia D’Anastasio
MTG pro Brian Kibler calls out the MPL for lack of engagement and direction – Danny Foster
Epic Games has allegedly failed to pay competitive Fortnite players prize money – Bhernardo Viana
Complexity Gaming partners with U.S. Army’s BOSS program – Vince Koyle

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