Project Esports – Tokyo Esports, MTGA Tempo Storm, and MAGfest Recap



This week Andrew is on a trip to Colorado, so Dylan and James get plenty of time to talk about Tempo Storm’s pickup of MTGA players. The boys also go into Tokyo Esports in 2019, AGDQ, and Overwatch potentially adding hero bans.


With Andrew out for this week Dylan and James to to run wild with their Magic The Gathering talk! Before the conversation has been suppressed by Magic The Gathering being a Tabletop Card Game, but now with Magic The Gathering Area blowing up, they have all their Magic needs rolled into an esport.

The big news with Magic The Gathering Arena (MTGA) is the first big esports team pickup. Tempo Storm, known mostly for their streaming team and Hearthstone team, has picked up CalebD, Jeff Hoogland, and MTGNerdGirl as MTGA players. This coming right off the announcement of big MTGA esports happenings from Wizards of the Coast. The boys speculate on where this will lead after waxing poetic about one of their favorite games at the moment.

Then the boys jump into Tokyo Esports in 2019. With the recent announcement of esports of Tokyo allowing “professional gamers” to start earning prize money from competing. This could mean big things for the Japanese Esports scene.

Next up the boys talk about the bi-yearly speed running extravaganza, Awesome Games Done Quick, AGDQ, and the amazing things they are doing over their to raise money for charity. Though not typically scene as an “esports”, the boys still harp on the fact it is at least esports adjacent, and derives all the recognition it is currently getting as being incredibly skill intensive.

The boys end this week on Overwatch, and the discussion of hero bans in profession play, mainly The Overwatch League. The heated discussions comes in after having an oppressive meta where certain heroes are “must picks”. The discussion gets HEATED and there are a lot of points of contention on this issue.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode, catch you all again next week for the Project Esports Podcast.

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