Quick Chats with Jonathon “Demon JT” Field and Coach Patrick Crossan of Wizards District Gaming


John had the opportunity to chat with Jonathon “Demon JT” Fields and Coach Patrick Crossan of Wizards District Gaming prior to their initial appearance in season two.

Chat with Jonathon “Demon JT” Fields

I know we got just a couple of minutes here so I only have about four questions for you. My name’s John DiSalle, I’m the NBA 2K League writer for an esports company called Popped Off! JT, how do you think the team has been gelling since you guys have been together post-draft?

We have been gelling well together. We started off the court, chemistry is important on the court, but a lot that comes from off the court. As long as we as we can gel off the court and on the court, we have good chemistry. A lot of us have been playing together for a few weeks back..

Yeah, I know I watched you and Dayfri (Ryan Conger) play plenty this off-season through MakeItHappen and your Xbox team, so I know you guys are playing well together and building some chemistry. It will be interesting and good for the other players joining, as well, I know it’s exciting for sure. Next question here, what are your expectations for Wizards District Gaming heading into THE TIPOFF this weekend?

Expectations are our floor would be getting out of our pool, and our ceiling would be a championship. Personally, we are not a team that is going in wanting to win a game, we want to win the whole thing. Last year, we didn’t get out of our pool. This year, we want to get out of that pool and go for a championship.

For sure, for sure. Next question here, it’s a little bit deeper than the rest. Most teams have identities or certain characteristics that fans treasure about them. That could be a team running five-out or a certain kind of offense or a team that doesn’t give up and is always fighting. What do you think will be the identity or the one thing fans or teams you’ll play that will say about Wizards District Gaming after they play them?

I think this year, we are more of a sleeper team. For the first time in my 2K career, this is the first time I have been on that side. It will be interesting with a lot of teams and their struggles, how we will take them off guard.

Awesome, man. Last question, we are knocking through these, I enjoy it. What is the one thing you’re looking forward to this weekend? Whether if that is just being in the studio, being with your guys for the first time, or just competing. If you had to pick one thing you’re amped for this weekend, what would it be?

Since I have to restrict it to one thing, I will say the studio atmosphere. I love all the yelling, all the screaming, and all the cheer. I love all of that in the moment, it feels amazing. It is the best part of the job by far.

We are excited for that as well! Thanks for sitting down with me, and good luck this weekend against Grizz and the T-Wolves.

Chatting with Coach Patrick Crossan

So I just talked with JT, and I know we only have a few minutes here, so I have a few questions for you. How do you think the team has been gelling since getting together post-draft?

The team has been awesome so far. The guys are awesome. JT, who you spoke to, and Ryan, Dayfri. He played for Mavs last year, he played college baseball, and we traded for him in the off-season. We were lucky enough to bring back Gilly (Isaac Gilton) and Reese (Maurice Delaney) from last year. That just makes it easier, they know how the team works and have played on the big stage before. Our new picks, UserPick (Michael Albiter) and PaulB (Paul Bradford), those guys have gelled in a little bit better than I actually thought, so it is going well.

That is exciting. We all know how important chemistry is in the league, so it’s good to hear you guys are gelling well together. What are your expectations heading into THE TIPOFF this weekend?

THE TIPOFF, I consider it like a pre-season tournament. It is going to be a lot of learning, how the game is played, how different teams use their players and lineups. It is a good scouting time to kind of get us ready for our first one game against Kings Guard, so that’s how I am looking at THE TIPOFF.

Definitely, you guys don’t get any pre-season film. You can watch players on the ProAM scene or on Twitch. You don’t know how their five is going to play together.

Yeah, and this league build, I think it is better than the ProAM build from the original version from the game. I think it is more competitive, atleast from what we are experiencing and what other teams are. Very excited to see how teams play.

Definitely, building on that. Most teams have a certain identity or certain characteristics that fans treasure about them. That could be a certain offense like five out or pick-and-roll offense or just a teams will to fight, they don’t ever give up and they are tight knit. So, what do you think is the one thing fans or teams will say about Wizards District Gaming after playing them?

I think for us, it was interesting seeing a lot of teams sort of crumble, team chemistry wise, during the season. So this year we’ve got a great group of guys, they are hanging out, they are going out to eat after work. So for us chemistry, and we’ve got a very passionate group that wants to win. Ryan came to us, didn’t make the playoffs last year, he has a chip on his shoulder to make. The guys coming back, we made the playoffs last year but didn’t go as far as we wanted.

What is the one thing that you are looking forward to this weekend? Whether if that is seeing your team play, or being in New York, if you had to pick one thing, what are you looking forward to?

Honestly, I am just excited to get start. The whole off-season just felt long until we got started scouting and talking about who we are going to pick. I just want to get started and get rid of that taste in our mouth from our playoff exit last year, I just want to get to work and get started.

As a returning coach, it probably was long. Getting retained, and then you are just waiting and can only watch so much film. It was probably just dragging on, it is probably going to be great to get back into the studio.

You can only play 2k for so many hours before you just want to get back in there and get the guys ready.

Trust me, I know. Well, thanks Coach Pat, good luck this weekend against Grizz and T-Wolves and hopefully further!

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