Rock, Paper, Scissor


Here is a simple game to play with your friends. If you pick C9 you beat TSM; if you pick TSM you beat TL; if you pick TL you beat…C9?

The three top teams, although having different scores, are like kryptonite for each other. There is no doubt that these are the best teams our esteemed region has to offer but which one is the king?

The way playoffs are going to be set up is going to be more strategic than previous splits. The first seed team can choose which opponent to go against in playoffs. This means that they are going to pick anyone but TSM (given TSM makes it). It also means that the second seed (C9) will face off against TSM in the quarterfinals. C9 already has an impressive win record against TSM; are they destined to lose again?

Let’s Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

Except for the 2018 season, TSM has been the king of playoffs. C9 also hasn’t done too shabby. Although they’ve rarely won first place, C9 always manages to give a strong performance. Finally, TL has ended their curse of finishing in fourth place. They have already garnered two first-place finishes this season. TL were already a powerhouse last season. With massive upgrades, such as the addition of CoreJJ and Jensen, they are now a formidable team. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but I’m sure Steve isn’t feeling too empty while cuddling with his trophies at night.

Before we look too far into the future, let’s take a minute to focus on what is coming up first. The quarterfinal match-up to look out for is TSM vs. Echo Fox. Seems like a no brainer, eh? TSM already beat the best team in the league twice; it should be an EZ 3-0.

Well, Maybe Not

Dubbed the “Titan Slayers”, Echo Fox are not out of contention for making a miracle playoffs run. Having been one of the only teams to beat Liquid, Echo Fox will not go down without breaking a couple of pieces off TSMs armor.

We can discuss historical records all day long and fight about which team is better. When it comes down to it, it’s almost impossible to tell who will come out on top. The coming weeks will be crucial for TL to work like hell to recover from their last three losses. It will also be important for TSM/C9 to hold on to their sudden surge of power. TSM is looking mighty strong beating TL 2-0. Cloud9 is showing their vicious versatility by flexing their 10-man roster on stage. And TL has already demonstrated their power by earning the first-place buy-in.

Perhaps, steel can cut rock. Or perhaps rock can prove to be too big for paper, Or maybe, just maybe, paper can avoid the blades.

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