SkateBIRD: The Last Skateboarding Game You’ll Ever Need


Alright, so listen to this pitch for a video game. Imagine you’re playing Skate 4, but you’re a bird on a skateboard. The bird is normal sized, it’s just on a super small skateboard in a bedroom with ramps made out of household items.If I need to say more than that to pitch you on SkateBIRD, you may be on the wrong website.

The short pitch and trailer that I heard were more than enough to get me interested, so I looked more into the game to see what it was all about!

SkateBIRD got a trailer at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase during E3 2019. This may not have been the first time we saw SkateBIRD, but we got some special news around it! First off, Glass Bottom Games decided to launch a Kickstarter for the game which was funded in just around 48 hours!

The more exciting part for all of you that aren’t quite sold on the game yet is that they released a free demo for you to try! You can jump into the game and experience it first hand.


I downloaded the SkateBIRD demo and played for about 30 minutes. It’s a demo so of course a couple of things didn’t run totally smooth but I completely enjoyed the game! The soundtrack was great and it only took a couple of minutes to (badly) pick up the controls.

Currently, the game developers are planning to put it on PC, Mac, and Linux but according to their Kickstarter are looking into putting it on PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Let me know on Twitter what you think of SkateBIRD! Do you agree with me that it’s the last Skateboarding game you’ll ever need, or are you still holding on for another one?

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