The Battle of Giants: A look at the 2019 LCS Finals and Semi-Finals


TL vs TSM. The defending champions vs. The kings of NA. Ironman vs. Captain America. Oh wait, I’m holding the wrong script.

Moving on, everyone expected TL to make it to the finals. It’s no surprise as they were the first seed. But many including myself had doubts to whether TSM would make it to the finals. Especially after being down 2-0 in the Semi finals, TSM’s playoff dreams seemed to be ending. Somehow they made a miraculous comeback. Lets breakdown what happened.

Semis breakdown

Not much to say about the Team Liquid vs Flyquest game.  TL played a clean 3-0 series. Not much of a surprise.

But man, that C9-TSM series was the MOST intense series I have ever seen. People had their eyes on Soren “Bjergsens” Bjergs as the MVP of the series. While he was exceptional, my personal MVP is a toss up between Andy “Smoothie” Ta and  Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham. Cue the missed smite memes, but hear me out. The man kept his cool for entire series despite his initial performance. Being able to perform as well as he did, without getting tilted is a skill worthy of praise.  

In my opinion, Smoothie was the biggest catalyst to TSM winning that crucial game 5. Almost every winning fight was initiated by Smoothie.  Initiations and shields do not come up in the scoreboard, but are worthy of recognition. I believe that he should have been more favored to get the MVP for the series.

Finals: Who is gonna win?

My Prediction, 3-2 Team Liquid and here is why.

Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen has so much to prove this LCS season. He has consistently been in Bjergsens’ shadow ever since he has joined the league. I rarely see Jensen loose lane in a convincing fashion. Yet his level of skill has never earned him a single title or major victory. Now top 4 at worlds is not to be underestimated, but the bottom line is there is no trophy at the end of his roads. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
Now that Jensen is surrounded with players of his caliber he has earned himself a first place finish. He has made it to the finals. It finally looks like he might be able to get his first title uncontested. Who other than Bjergsen shows up to challenge him at his most important hour. Bjergsen wants his throne back but Jensen wants to earn it for the first time. There is a huge fire under Jensen to not let Bjergsen get the upper hand.  I’m sure that it will be enough, just barely enough, to take down TSM.

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