The Redemption of French Counter Strike


For the past few years, the French Counter Strike scene has been very weak. The region used to be titans of the game, winning two majors over the course of CSGO’s existence. Stars like kennyS, shox and Happy bulldozed their way through teams with an excessive amount of firepower. However, as quickly as the Frenchmen burst on to the scene, they regressed just as quickly.

Players within the two largest French teams at the time, LDLC and EnVyUs, began to have personality conflicts. The feuds ended with a slew of players refusing to play with each other, and in turn created the iconic “French shuffles”.

This was a massive detriment to the scene, with a multitude of star players being separated. This, coupled with player regression, stagnated the French CS scene. With no large event wins for any Tier one French team for over a year, it seemed the Frenchmen finally understood that they were victims of their own hubris. This led to a massive change within G2 Esports, and a completely new team in Vitality.

With G2 Esports, the additions of JaCkz, Lucky and AmaNEk have seen the team slowly but surely beginning to improve. With AmaNEk taking a majority of the in-game leading and JaCkz acting as another star rifler to the team, superstars shox and kennyS can finally rest easy. The team has begun to pick up wins over top 10 teams such as Fnatic and Natus Vincere.

Vitality, a completely new organization, has looked nothing short of impressive. The team, built around young superstar ZywOo, has broken into the HLTV Top 10 rankings in only a few months of playing together. The team is a perfect place for ZywOo to develop, as the young talent has veteran players NBK, RpK, apEX and ALEX to lean on. The prodigy already has a ridiculous 1.39 rating over the past three months, a rating that only transcendental players like s1mple have touched.

The future looks very bright for both teams, and with both attending DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019, it will be interesting to see just how strong the French CS scene has become on a large events stage.

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