THE TIPOFF: The Start of a New Season


Tournament Details

Season two of the NBA 2K League will begin on April 2 with THE TIPOFF. THE TIPOFF consists of pool play with seven groups of three teams. Each team will play two games in the first round. The top team for each group and one chosen wild card team will compete in an eight-team playoff on April 6.

The prize pool holds a total of $120,000 this year. THE TIPOFF champion will be awarded $52,500 and the runner-up will be awarded $37,500. The teams that place third and fourth will both be awarded $15,000.

You can watch THE TIPOFF on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch channel.


The NBA 2K League has determined the follow criteria to determine the winner of each group, playoff seeding, and the wild card team.

  1. Winning Percentage
  2. Number of point under the Eight Point Quarter System
  3. Average point differential per game in pool play
  4. Total points scored in pool play
  5. Random draw


Group 1: Cavs Legion GC, Mavs Gaming, Raptors Uprising GC

Group 2: Knicks Gaming, Magic Gaming, NetsGC

Group 3: Grizz Gaming, T-Wolves Gaming, Wizards District Gaming

Group 4: 76ers GC, Heat Check Gaming, Kings Guard Gaming

Group 5: Hawks Talon GC, Pacers Gaming, Warriors Gaming Squad

Group 6: Celtics Crossover Gaming, Lakers Gaming, Pistons GT

Group 7: Blazer5 Gaming, Bucks Gaming, Jazz Gaming

Games to Watch

Tuesday: Knicks Gaming v NetsGC, 7pm EST

The defending champions, Knicks Gaming, tips-off their season against crosstown rivals NetsGC. NetsGC drafted Nate Kahl in the expansion draft. Nate Kahl was the MVP in the finals for Knicks Gaming.

Wednesday: 76ers GV v Heat Check Gaming, 7pm EST

Two of the most talented teams are in the same group and will play Friday night. Heat Check Gaming will run their offense through Juan “Hotshot” Gonzalez and hope to return to the finals with a different outcome.

Thursday: Celtics Crossover Gaming v Lakers Gaming, 8pm EST

Whenever the Celtics and Lakers play, you tune in. Whether if that is in the real NBA or the NBA 2K League, green versus purple just feels like. Celtics Crossover Gaming has a chip on their shoulder after being one win away from making the post-season.

Friday: Blazer5 Gaming v Jazz Gaming, 9pm Est

The inaugural season MVP, Dayne “OneWildWalnut” Downey will look to take Blazer5 Gaming back to the top-seed in season two. OneWildWalnut and Blazer5 will have to defeat the season two No. 1 overall draft pick Spencer “Ria” Wyman and Jazz Gaming first.

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