Thoughts from and for 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs


TSM, once again, has been upset for the third time in the past four splits. The kings of NA are no longer in the running. On the way to winning their fourth championship in a row, TL seems to be the strongest team that NA has ever produced (regionally speaking; C9 holds the international title). 

Let’s take a look at how the quarter-finals played out and how the winners are going to fare in the semi-finals for the 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs.

TSM vs Clutch (Clutch win 3-1)

4th place TSM vs 5th Place clutch. TSM started Spica as their jungler for playoffs with Tactical and Treatz as their bot/support subs. Obviously, TSM has not been having the same success as they did the last split. Doublelift put it best “I think TSM has a really interesting take on it. People are really critical of them because they’re fucking up a lot and losing, but I’m actually happy that a top team is out here trying new stuff. I think it’s super important.” 

At best, TSM is trying new things because it seems they don’t have much more to lose. At worst, they are panicking and are slowly drowning their chances at an LCS title. 

Spica had a great showing against Flyquest but an average showing against TL. Obviously, this Showed in the Performance against Clutch. Besides the Baron steal that he had, Spica had a lackluster performance. Along with Zven and Bjergsen being unable to carry the team, TSM lost 3-1 to Clutch Gaming. 

CLG vs Optic (CLG win 3-0)

These two teams were rather close in the standings and I did not feel one team was much better than the other. Boy was I wrong. CLG really crushed it. Taking down optic in a very convincing fashion, CLG may be a decent frontrunner for top 2.

Game one was most impressive. Even after Optic had secured 4 dragons and 4 barons, they were not able to close it out. The late-game power CLGs’ of Azir and Sivir was too much for them to handle and they crumbled under that pressure. 

 On top of that, Crown and Arrow got caught out a few too many times to keep Optic afloat. There were no players of CLG that fully stood out for me. It seemed like everyone was performing well. Not much else to say except GG CLG

Looking to semi-finals (C9 vs CLG & CG vs TL)

It’s going to be an uphill battle for both CLG and Clutch, with the former facing off against C9. My prediction for that will be a C9 win (3-1). CLG has shown that they are capable of putting up a fight. However, C9 has a stronger team and stronger regular-season performance. Same goes for Clutch, they are a strong team but TL is stronger. I’m open to being wrong (makes it more exciting).


My mind’s telling me that it’s going to be a C9 vs TL finale. As I said, CLG is strong but C9 just seems stronger. I feel at this point I can comfortably say that Reapered might be the best coach in LCS period. Even though C9 does not boast many titles, they have been consistently strong, even when other teams have shaken. As much as I would like to see my watch telling me its TTTTTTTTANNER TIME, TL will most likely end up with the victor. I can’t say for sure who I think is going to win the finals. We will have to see how the teams perform in semis to make that call.

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