Roll for First - Modern Memes | Ep. 4

This week James is out being a good soon visiting hi Mom for Mother’s Day. So we got friend of the Podcast Dan Forz, of Mechado About Nothing Podcast, to chat about Modern. Dan and Dylan are long time friends who got into Magic and Modern around the same time.

Interview With Special Guest Alonso “LP” Benavente

Aluramore and Howleir spend some theme with “LP” the head of the Chaos Crew, Florida Mayhem’s official fan group and watch party organizer. They discuss the Chaos Crew, how it was founded and what goes into it; the Florida Mayhem, what it was like to experience the team from an insider’s perspective; and what we can look forward to from the Chaos Crew moving forward. “LP” also gets hit with some random fun questions about the Overwatch League.

COWL Fans: Mighty Upsets Leading into Stage Two Playoffs Only Serve to Increase the Hype!

Howleir, back from his vacation, Aluramore dive into what happened this past week. Too many great matches and fun upsets to count, they dive into the ones with high entertainment value and that show the weaknesses of top teams. Looking forward to Stage Two Playoffs, and having a bracket, Howleir lets us know where the fun games are likely to be, and Aluramore touches on Mayhem's current state going into a long break.

Creating the “Anti-Astralis”

With Danish team Astralis looking like the best team to ever play Counter

Strike: Global Offensive, it seems that the perfect Danish lineup has been

assembled. However, there is a multitude of Danish players scattered across

the region that in my mind, could create a top 5 team capable of winning

large events. In an ideal world, this would be my “Anti-Astralis” lineup.

Infographic - Overwatch League Season Two Coach Breakdown

The Overwatch League continues to grow rapidly given its popularity and success in esports. From expansion teams and now moving into Geo-location for the next season, that means it’s going to continue to grow. New players have made names for themselves, such as Bumper, breaking through the original standard set by the league in Season I for performance. But what about the coaches behind those breakthrough and consistently top performing players?

Project Esports - ESPN Collegiate Championships, NYXL Spring Rally, Ninja boycotts Fortnite w/ @JonahReads

This week on the Project Esports Podcast Dylan and James are joined by special guest Jonah Wang (@JonahReads). They discuss collegiate esports with ESPN collegiate championships Overwatch Top 8 and NYXL Spring Rally Finals at Rutgers University’ Scarlet Classic. They also dive into Ninja’s boycott of Fortnite and wrap it up with some Overwatch News!