Our Mission

When we first created Popped Off!, it was a place for a couple of close friends to make the esports content that we wanted to watch, read or listen to. Since then, it has evolved into something bigger, a platform for all things video games, esports, anime and nerd culture.

We’re setting out to:

  • Create unique and story-driven content of all forms including written articles, videos and podcasts.

  • Give small content creators as many resources as we can to help them grow their portfolio and personal brand.

Meet The Team


Founder & Head of Content Andrew Nimsgern


Casual Overwatch League Fans Host Aaron Adams


Graphic Designer Kyle McClelland


Co-Founder & Head Visionary Dylan Beal


Causal Overwatch League Fans Host Brian Davis


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Co-Founder & Head of Recruitment James Graham


Esports Content Creator Henry Brewley


NBA 2KLeague Content Creator John DiSalle


League of Legends Content Creator Sinan Aslam

History of Popped Off

With a passion for esports, creating content and podcasts, Andrew decided he wanted to throw his hat into the ring and attempt to create his own esports podcast. Looking to find guest hosts to do it with him, he posted a call for help on Reddit looking for anyone that may be interested in creating something unique around their passions for esports. Dylan and James answered this random post, and after brief conversations with both, they all decided it was worth taking a chance of trying to record at least one episode. Late October 2017, the first ever episode of the Project Esports podcast was recorded and eventually posted online. 

In September 2018, Project Esports made two announcements for the brand. The first was an complete redesign of the logo, and color selection that is now currently being used across social media platforms and the website. This decision was made to differentiate themselves from other podcasts with similar color schemes, and to create a new brand the more reflects what the podcast represents.

Since then the podcast has grown to a weekly topic based podcast, in addition to frequent interviews and other pieces of content based around esports and video games. Evolving from just straight audio recordings, Project Esports started live streaming their episodes in early 2018 on Twitch and then uploading them onto YouTube along side the audio version which can now be found on all major podcasting platforms.

After about a year and a half of creating Project Esports, the desire to create more content that mounted so high that Popped Off was born. Originally just a place for the original co-founders to write, turned into a platform to help young esports content producers get their feet wet in the industry. Regardless if they are writers, video creators or podcasters they wanted to do their part in giving everyone a platform.