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“I had a different mindset going into combine. I played an entirely different way.” - Interview with Kingsley “Crowned King” Braggs

The NBA2K League draft of Season 2 is on our doorstep, and tons of fresh faces are looking to take their crack at this year’s draft. With the roster of potential candidates being narrowed down to 150, the pressure is on for anyone included in that small number of people. James had a chance to one of those lucky 150, Kingsley “Crowned King” Braggs, and what he had to do this year to make the cut.

“It’s unique to me. I don’t think I know of any other player that played all 5 positions in the league. “ - Interview with Mark “XxSTL2LAxX” Hampton, Jr.

As it nears closer and closer to draft day for the NBA2K League, I frequently wonder what is going through these guys’ and girls’ heads as it approaches, and what steps they took on their journey. On top of that, I wonder where the heads are of those not retained by teams, and Mark “XxSTL2LAXx” Hampton, Jr. Mark provided me with his time to sit down and chat about what he did in the off-season, and what he thought of his year being apart of the NBA2K League debut season.