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Capitalism is Ruining Esports

To many, making it in the esports industry is a dream. It’s something we strive our whole lives to do. We put our hearts and souls into our work for even the slightest chance to make it. But often times the journey and destination is filled with exploitation. Team owners who underpay, overwork, and mistreat staff. The esports industry has fallen victim to capitalism’s worst faults and must change if we are to thrive.

Why I Became a Fan of a Losing Team

Not a lot of people join teams that are already losing. Most leave the team when it starts doing worse and worse in the standings, and who can blame them? Their team failed them and they want to go to a team or an organization that brings winning games and exciting plays. I’m going to tell you why I went against the grain and became a fan of a team that ended second last in the standings.