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Project Esports - Riot Games Investigation, Epic Games Not Paying and Mini-Interview with Dr. Drew Schwartz

On this week’s episode of Project Esports, Andrew and Dylan are joined by special guest Dr. Drew Schwartz (For the Wellness Blog).The guys talk Riot Games being investigated by the state of California, Epic Games not paying out Fornite prize money, Magic Pro League issues, and The US Army partnering with Complexity Gaming. Dylan and Andrew also get a change to ask a few questions to Dr. Schwartz!

Project Esports - Overwatch 2, New Riot Game and Welcome Back Immortals!

On this week’s episode of Project Esports, Andrew and Dylan are joined by special guest Jonathan Mobley. The guys talk about Immortals acquiring OpTicGaming, which means we’ll see them in the LCS again! We also say an acquisition of CLutch Gaming by Dignitas, so the old guard is coming back. They also chatted about Blizzard canceling Starcraft FPS in favor of Diablo 4 and a new Overwatch project. Then they round it out with some talk about the new alt jerseys from the Overwatch League this stage.

Project Esports - COD Crossplay, 100T Blowing Up, Walmart Jerseys

On this week’s episode of Project Esports, Andrew has left Dylan and James alone. Though their episode is scuffed, they still get a change to talk Call of Duty getting crossplay in their latest release, 100 Thieves blowing up in the news, and Walmart Picking up LCS Jerseys for their online stores. James and Dylan also get a chance to dunk on Dignitas for partnering up with the worst streaming platforms, Caffeine.

Project Esports - Nate Nanzer leaves OWL, Gaming Addiction and Neopets

On this week’s episode of Project Esports, Andrew, and Dylan are joined by special guest Luke Croft, (Podcast Host and Streamer). The guys kick off with the shocking news that Nanzer, OWL Commissioner, has left the League to join Epic Games. In other Overwatch News, the workshop is in full swing. The World Health Organization has officially listed “Gaming Addition” as a disease. Then resident FlyQuest fan, Andrew, talks neopets. Another huge collaboration comes into Fortnite with Jordan! Now you can get your Jay’s in game too. Then the guys round out the night with some Auto Chess talk.

COWL Fans - A Review of the All-Star game, and How Other Overwatch Events Will Impact the League

On this week’s episode of Casual Overwatch League Fans, Aluramore and Howlier talk about the recent Overwatch League All-Stars Weekend, and discussed what made it better than last season’s All-Stars Weekend. After that, they brief talk about Contenders, The Overwatch World Cup, and what these special LAN events mean for Overwatch League in 2020.

Roll for First - Modern Memes | Ep. 4

This week James is out being a good soon visiting hi Mom for Mother’s Day. So we got friend of the Podcast Dan Forz, of Mechado About Nothing Podcast, to chat about Modern. Dan and Dylan are long time friends who got into Magic and Modern around the same time.

Interview With Special Guest Alonso “LP” Benavente

Aluramore and Howleir spend some theme with “LP” the head of the Chaos Crew, Florida Mayhem’s official fan group and watch party organizer. They discuss the Chaos Crew, how it was founded and what goes into it; the Florida Mayhem, what it was like to experience the team from an insider’s perspective; and what we can look forward to from the Chaos Crew moving forward. “LP” also gets hit with some random fun questions about the Overwatch League.

COWL Fans: Mighty Upsets Leading into Stage Two Playoffs Only Serve to Increase the Hype!

Howleir, back from his vacation, Aluramore dive into what happened this past week. Too many great matches and fun upsets to count, they dive into the ones with high entertainment value and that show the weaknesses of top teams. Looking forward to Stage Two Playoffs, and having a bracket, Howleir lets us know where the fun games are likely to be, and Aluramore touches on Mayhem's current state going into a long break.