Class 1A

Vigilantes Chapters 6-10 – Class 1A

We continue our adventure into the world of My Hero Academia Vigilantes! One of the longest podcasts yet, all three hosts cannot stop gushing about how good these chapters are. Listen on Podcasting Platforms – Apple | Google | Spotify 

The Shipping Episode – Class 1A

It's finally here! The long awaited shipping episode has finally arrived for the Class 1A podcast! Each of the host brings three of their favorite ships, we talk through a couple of fan submitted ships and of course talk through fan


Class 1A is a Popped Off!’s podcast that is focused on the My Hero Academia anime series. Your homeroom teachers for the show will be Andrew Nimsgern, Dylan Beal, and James Graham who will be teaching class each and every Saturday!
Now that Season 4 is over, we’re covering the My Hero Vigilantes manga as well as doing special episodes that include rankings, character deep dives, and more.


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