Interview with Colin McNeil – Interviewing the Interviewer


You’ve probably heard Colin McNeil’s voice and seen his iconic mustache before you know his name. He’s one of theScore esports narrators, supervising editors, faces and all around CS:GO fanatic, and James had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Colin allowing him to be on the other end of the mic.

We start with getting the dirt on Colin’s history, how much his academics suffered because of such culprits like Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Unreal Tournament. This then spawned his awareness of esports, and how both that and his traditional schooling towards journalism collided.

Colin next gets to answer whether or not he’s living the dream at theScore esports (guess what? He kind of is), and which came first: CS:GO or esports? We quickly find out that Colin’s kind of the method actor of project managers – he gets engulfed in whatever he’s managing, living and breathing whatever topic he takes on.

Colin then takes on his journey with theScore, and which state esports was in when he walked into the scene. He also gets to touch on how esports’ bubble hasn’t burst yet, and what direction he thinks we’re headed as an industry – as a whole and the FGC’s take, as they are their own community within esports.

“Would you be a pro, if you had the chance?” gets to be our next line of questioning for Colin, and he provides an insightful answer to the age-old question.

We then get down in dirty with Colin’s preferences as far as fighting games go (it’ll shock you what his answer is), and what he would like to see as the next “big esport”. As hinted prior, Colin has dabbled in Warcraft in the past and with the release of Classic, we get to find out what he plans to take into Azeroth once it releases.

James then tries his best to get Colin to be anything but modest with no avail, asking him if he considers himself an influential personality in the esports scene. Moving on from that, James asks Colin what the dynamic is within theScore, and if he considers himself a bigger personality among his colleagues.

Heading towards the end of the interview, James gets to cover with Colin if he thinks we’ll get the cookie-cutter traditional interviews and lack of personality now that franchising is starting to take hold.

And finally, Colin gets to talk about his mustache. Hope you enjoyed the read and the video!

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