Project Esports – Interview w/ Nick Lesec of Esports One, OWL Finals Hype, and Esports at Olympics


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00:00:00 – Intro/Chit-chat
00:03:00 – TL Dota 2 Team Split
00:13:50 – Esports at the Olympics?
00:24:10 – COD Franchise Run Down
00:37:00 – Hector Rodregeiz leaves Optic and joins NRG as Co-CEO
00:39:14 – OWL Finals Hype
00:44:00 – Interview w/ Nick Lesec of EsportsOne
00:60:00 – Wrap Up

This week’s episode of Project Esports, the boys are joined by Nick Lesec of Esports One (@EsportsOneInc), who tells them about their new exciting project! Nick also lends a hand in running down some news with the boys. They go into Team Liquids’ Dota 2 team disbanding, Intel World Open that will run up to Tokyo 2020, and a rundown of CoD franchise teams.

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Project Esports is a Popped Off! podcast that is hosted by Andrew Nimsgern, James Graham and Dylan Beal. Each week, the three of them talk about the biggest topics and news stories from across the esports industry. The podcast is live-streamed every Monday on Popped Off!’s Twitch channel at 7pm PST/10pm EST and covers the previous week’s news.

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This week’s Articles:

  1. Team Liquid’s Dota 2 team disbands to form new team
  2. Olympics-Backed $500K Intel World Open Ties Into 2020 Tokyo Games with Rocket League, Street Fighter V
  3. CoD Franchise Team to date

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