Reborn Guild Highlight w/ Auron


This week on Phoenix Watch, Maezriel chats with Auron of the guild Reborn. He has an interesting history with MMOs and is brining that experience to lead this elite guild in A

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Full Transcript

Maezriel: Hello ladies and gentlemen, This is your host Maezriel and with the rest of the guys here at Popped Off I’m excited to welcome you to episode 2 of Phoenix Watch a brand new show dedicated entirely to you the awesome community that’s been building up around Ashes of Creation. Today’s going to be another guild highlight as we sit down with Auron the guild Reborn. Auron how are you doing today?

Auron: I’m doing great. How about you?

Maezriel: I can’t complain too much. So about you as the guild leader as anybody you would know that’s been in MMOs for a long time has been around guilds or clans you might have an excellent officer team, you can have a fantastic setup for a council, but at the end of the day you’re the guild leader so you’re going to be that face of of the guild and all of the decisions going forward. So let’s start off with just you telling us a little bit about yourself and your gaming experience.

Auron: Yeah that’s exactly how it is for our guild actually. We have a council which has about 15 members but I guess it will always come down to me to make decisions. I’ve been playing MMOs since I was a kid. I remember starting with Knight Online and Secret Online in internet cafes with my friends. I don’t even remember that much about those times but my real MMO experience started with Archeage. I started playing it in 2014 and up until today I’m still playing Archeage with brakes. My main experience is coming from that game. Of course I’ve tried all the other MMOs since I’m an MMO guy. I don’t like to play single player games or shooter games, you know. I’ve tried pretty much all the MMOs out there but mainly it’s Archeage I fell in love with and played for a long time and that’s where we created our guild.

Maezriel: Excellent. So I’m assuming it was you said it was in Archeage you created your guild. At what point did you decide I needed to be a guild leader. This just wasn’t working. I’m gonna make my own?

Auron: Yeah it’s a long story without going into that much detail because there is some drama about that. I was a guild leader in a very large guild. One of the guild leaders, there were three, and things weren’t going great in my opinion. So I shared this with other leaders in the council, but they didn’t agree. When I decided that I cannot convince them I left the guild and then I saw players, guild members, leaving also to follow me. I didn’t really plan to create a guild when I left it but seeing those people follow me gave me the idea of trying to make a guild and leading one. We said why not so we created our guild in 2014 and we have been playing together since then.

Maezriel: Awesome so a lot of people who’ve been following Ashes of Creation might know that Steven was a huge fan of Archeage. Have you guys done anything in Archeage to help prepare yourself for Ashes of Creation? Or are you guys just kind of still just playing casually as you used to so what’s the story there.

Auron: Currently we are not playing it. We quit some months ago after they messed up a lot of things. Again, we know everything about Archeage  so we don’t really have to log in and prepare for Ashes to be honest if there is a mechanic in our Archeage, we know it and if a similar mechanic will be present in Ashes then we will be ready for it also about Steven. We played together in the alpha of Archeage. He personally wasn’t there but his guild and our guild we sieged the castle together for the practice so that’s a moment we shared in alpha zero.

Maezriel: That’s awesome. Yeah and are you going to be in the alpha any of the alphas that are coming up?

Auron: Yes. I’m a Braver of Worlds backer. I cannot wait to play alpha one and alpha two.

Maezriel: Awesome. Yeah hopefully you guys get to kind of recreate that but this time with Steven there.

Auron: I don’t think you will personally be playing but I hope so as

Maezriel: You said this guild kind of came about organically but you do have an officer team what’s kind of the the current setup of your guild?

Auron: So we have a council there is 15 members. It might sound a lot for a council, but there is 15 members in the council. They currently don’t have any specific roles because we don’t have a game yet but in future one of them is going to be the g bank officer. The other one’s going to the recruitment officer. Currently everyone is sharing the responsibilities because there is no game there isn’t much responsibility. So we are just sitting there talking about the future and everyone is giving an input about how we should do things

Maezriel: Okay and then what will your focus be? Will it be on the PvE, PvP, Economy?

Auron: We are a hardcore PvP guild. We’ve always been interested in PvP and our main objective is just being a top qualified PvP guild.

Maezriel: Okay. So does that mean you guys are going to be going for one of those military nodes?

Auron: Well it depends. Let’s see all the nodes first and all their bonuses.

Maezriel: Fair enough.

Auron: So we will see. I also know that one guild alone cannot control a metropolis so we will see but we are definitely going for a castle.

Maezriel: Awesome yeah. I know some of the other people I’ve talked to they’re definitely going to try to disagree with you. There are…they’ve already got talks of multi-level guilds. So you’ll have so for people who don’t know the cap for guilds right now is 300 people they’re expecting to do one huge community probably run through mostly discord and similar platforms that are split into multiple guilds to take over that’s something you might be looking forward to trying to do? Or is it gonna be just Reborn, that core little guild that could, to help try to be the best they can at PvP?

Auron: Yeah. I think our numbers is not going to be close to 300, maybe even half that we are actually a smaller end of the guild size. We want to have one main guild that has all our core PvPers in it. Also depends on the guild buffs of Ashes of Creation. For example if a 50 man guild is gonna have a lot of nice stat advantages, then we would like to have two guilds of 50. We are definitely not going to be a part of very large communities or alliances

Maezriel: So whereas you would like to have a castle it seems like world domination isn’t exactly the goal.

Auron: Part of it. Part of the goal is world domination. I mean it’s really important, but I believe the big zergs is going to have world domination. I do understand that there is no fast travel in the game and we cannot control all the sides of the map. But our goal is to be dominant in the place that we live in. Let’s say we choose node A then we want to be the rulers of node A. We don’t want to let any caravan go in. For example, the enemy caravans or any world bosses being killed without our notice. We want to have a dominance but only in one part of the world because you know we’re a small guild. We can only cover so much area.

Maezriel: Being a PvP focused guild are you guys thinking of traveling out as bounty hunters? Is that gonna be a focus or is it gonna be mostly in protection and running caravans that type of deal?

Auron: Most of our guys like PKing so instead of being a bounty hunters I think we will be the corrupted players who are hunting the bounty hunters.

Maezriel: You might be a node that protects their own, but like anybody that gets near it might be in trouble is what you’re saying?

Auron: Yes exactly.

Maezriel: Glad to hear that that’s awesome. That’s kind of that…that’s that friction that I think everybody really is excited for in this game. And then you mentioned like the map so let’s say the map doesn’t really change we have what we have do you have a specific geographic region that you guys have already talked about taking over?

Auron: We had some ideas but we didn’t decide. It also depends on the starting areas. I believe that starting areas will have a lot of high level nodes in the first day so we want to avoid going into startup areas because there’s gonna be just new players there. We just want to fight the good guys, so I think we’re gonna wait to see.

Maezriel: Sure.

Auron: Where the big guilds go and then we go make their time hard

Maezriel: So that’ll be nice to know that if they’re looking for a place where there might be some people that like undermining those large reserve guilds. It’s a huge worry with streamers and I’ll touch on that in just a second, but you’ll be there to help cause some friction help slow things down a little bit.

Auron: Yes, yes.

Maezriel: So we talked about officers and some of your guild plans. Streamers are a very controversial…what’s the word I’m going to use…subject. Do you have any rules against streamers? Are you going to be like trying to stream snipe and kind of be like if somebody sees Reborn on their screen they notice just turn off their computer now?

Auron: No. To be honest I never liked stream sniping. I think it’s a it’s not even cool so I would like to say that stream sniping is not allowed in the guild but it’s very hard to control whenever I’m leading raids whenever we are doing a guild events we are never going to be stream sniping. We do have some small streamers in our guild I’m sure they would not like that when it happened to them. So we’re not going to do the same to others.

Maezriel: That’s something I like to hear. I know people have mixed views on streamers but purposely ruining someone’s day specifically because of their job yeah I agree.

Auron: Yeah

Maezriel: you said you have some small  streamers so if anybody’s looking to join do you have any rules concerning how they stream? I’m sure there’s the obvious like delays and no audio whenever we’re —-

Auron: Yeah 

Maezriel: Like during guild business and stuff, but anything different?

Auron: Yeah. We do have some streaming rules. We want streamers to put delay whenever we are doing a guild event and we don’t want them to stream the voice comms whenever there is a guild event. But of course during the off times when there isn’t much going on in the guild they are free to stream without a delay and with voice comes with the people in their channel if they approve. That’s pretty much it we don’t really have a lot of stuff with rules it’s just you know mostly common sense.

Maezriel: Yeah all right. That makes sense. So we know you guys, you want to be PvP focused. Have you given any thoughts to the economy any kind of like are you going to try to be self-sustaining are you going to be more like reaching out to economic nodes and guilds and like hiring yourself out to them for resources?

Auron: Yeah. Definitely we want to be self-sustaining. I mean we are a PvP focused but we are not going to ignore other aspects of the game. For example, in our case we were the first group to clear a dungeon and we were selling those dungeon runs to other guild members who weren’t able to finish the dungeon because there was a decent reward at the end. We are definitely going to be present in the PvE as well. One of our objective is to clear PvE content with as few players as possible. So let’s say a big guild is doing a world boss with 50 members we want to do it with 30. That’s also one of our objectives. Also we want to cover all the important artisan trees crafting trees in our guild we don’t want to be bound on the community to, for example, craft one of the best two-hander swords. We want to do a lot of things on our own.

Maezriel: Right on and I’ve actually not heard that that kind of challenge if a big deal goes in and does it with 50 you want to go in there with 30. Is there a is that just as like a flex type deal let’s say like we are more mechanically skilled?

Auron: Mostly for showing the skill. If someone is doing it with like 50 members we want to be able to do it with less members to show the world that we are better.

Maezriel: Sure so it sounds kind of like the Classic Runs. I know you said you’ve played did you play a lot of Classic WoW?

Auron: I actually haven’t played World of Warcraft.

Maezriel: Fair enough.

Auron: But I know what you’re talking about.

Maezriel: Yea, because you got a lot of people going in with all the buffs and doing speed runs and then you had a guild just come in and run MC completely naked. I loved watching that was awesome.

Auron: Yes. That’s one of our objectives even though it sounds very hard we will try.

Maezriel: Awesome I love to hear stuff like that. So would you classify your guild as more hardcore focus then since you have some of these harder goals going into the game?

Auron: Yes. Definitely more hardcore focused competitive environment.

Maezriel: All right but you said you don’t want to ignore everything so if somebody is looking to join your guild if they’re not exactly skilled in PvP they might still find a home if they’re wanting to like aggressively pursue a crafting or anything like that correct?

Auron: Well simply they don’t have to be the best player in the world they just have to be interested in PvP. As long as they don’t ignore the PvP content that we are doing a skilled crafter is also welcome in our guild because that is also needed to be strong in PvP.

It’s not only about the individual skill it’s also about equipment skill, equipment quality other factors

Maezriel: That’s something, actually, I’m really looking forward to and I didn’t play a lot of Archeage I’m not sure if it’s if it’s in that game. Where the PvE and PvP seem to be intrinsically tied. I see a lot of people on the forums and in Discord be, “You have to have PvE focus for the casual players,my PvE build isn’t going to be as good as my PvP build when I’m fighting a boss.” I’m like, there’s no…I don’t see any sign of there being two separate builds. You need to have some skill in PvP just to survive getting to wherever you’re going so yeah that makes sense.

Auron: Yeah

Maezriel: We’ve mostly talked about PvE as mechanical aspects of the game. Do you guys do any kind of role playing or anything like that? Or is it mostly just you’re into play and win the game?

Auron: we are not much into role playing

Maezriel: Fair enough. I just need to make sure to ask for those for those that would be. I don’t think we’ve seen a lot of role play guilds pop up so that’s one of my goals with this is try to find a little bit of everything so I got to ask.

Auron: Yeah yeah. I’m sorry for the short answer.

Maezriel: Quite all right that happens. Well for Verra and all, I know you’ve said that you want to be more of a second wave guild so you’re not going to be one of those very first people putting up a flag as soon as you enter the game. Do you think you guys are going to be participating in any say… covert ops to try to help deal with…that’s sending out some spies and things like that? That’s definitely been a thing that’s already started happening with people sending spies into other people’s guilds.

Auron: Yeah about spies. I don’t really like that kind of gameplay. I think it’s the same as stream sniping someone. I mean I do understand why people do it. It’s part of the game and it’s totally fine but that’s not how we play the game. I actually never used spies in ArcheAge but information always came to us naturally. I think there is not much to spy on in terms of the node location like when we go travel in the world for an hour we will already see which guilds is settled on which corners of the map. I think the spies won’t be needed.

Maezriel: All right. I personally can’t think of any other questions. Are there any notes that you would like to say for anybody that you would be hoping to recruit?

Auron: Well it might sound tough to join our guild. We do have a lot of qualifications let’s say and it might sound like a strictly hardcore PvP guild but we do other things as well. We just want our players to take the game seriously and make the best of their gameplay time. If someone is thinking of joining it doesn’t matter if they are playing for 10 hours a day or three hours a day if they think they got it they should apply. We care about the mindset.

Maezriel: Okay and then how about minimum log in times? I know some people even if you can only play two or three hours they still want to see you two or three times a week so it doesn’t look like you have 20 days last logged in. Is there a minimum for that?

Auron: Yeah there’s a minimum I mean it’s not written on paper but we want people to play daily. There is not going to be daily guild events or raids. There is going to be off days as well so people can focus on their gear and other stuff but if you are offline for a week that’s not okay. We want you to take the game seriously and if you are taking the game seriously then you are probably logging in every day even to do your farm or the garden.

Maezriel: Sure

Auron: I would say a minimum requirement would be around three hours a day.

Maezriel: Right on and then as far as minimal skill experience if anybody’s coming in if so we’ve already seen some people like “Hey I’ve never played an MMO before I’ve never even played a PC game before but AoC is kind of calling out to me.” Are you okay bringing in people under your wing? Or do you want someone who already has some experience?

Auron: No actually. We do have a question in our recruitment form about the applicant’s history of MMOs. We want people to have at least the basic understanding of what an MMORPG is.

Maezriel: Fair enough. Yeah, so I think that’s most of my questions for anybody that is interested in learning and joining the guild is it mostly through Discord is it also on the forums? Where can they find you?

Auron: They can find us in the Ashes of Creation forums under the EU guild recruitment tab. We do recommend them reading the full post entirely before applying because our post is very informative and then they are also welcome to join our Discord. Our Discord is public even though our Ashes channels are permission locked. They are welcome to chat with us.

Maezriel: Awesome and I’ll have links to that in the transcription for this episode. it’ll be on my website and then are you guys planning on like a website down the line and things like that?

Auron: Oh not really. I think Discord alone is enough enough.

Maezriel: Yeah it’s definitely changed a lot since the days of like five different forums just to keep up with their guild.

Auron: Yeah we did have one in the past but currently it’s not even being used anymore.

Maezriel: I can see that there’s nothing more disheartening than jumping onto a guild website and seeing the last forum post be from 2012 where the Discord’s bopping.

Auron: Yeah 

Maezriel: You would never know. All right well hey guys thanks for listening. Auron thank you so much for sitting down with me. We had a little bit of problems in the very beginning of the episode so thank you for your patience in that.

Auron: Well thank you so much.

Maezriel: It’s been fantastic I’m very happy that you were my first EU guild

Auron: Yeah thank you so much I’m also very happy for the interview.

Maezriel: And thank you guys so much for listening I had a great time sitting here with Auron and if you guys enjoyed the show as much as I did please consider leaving us a five-star review on any platform you find us on. If perhaps you wanted to be on the show if you have your own guild or community that you’re trying to grow feel free to reach out and also on twitter @popped_off as well as my own personal one @MaezrielGG thank you again for listening and have a great day.

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