Roll for First – Planewalkers | Ep. 3


This week’s Roll for First is all about Planeswalkers! With War of the Spark coming out and the introduction to 36 new planeswalker cards, the boys have a lot to talk about. From the inception of planeswalker cards, to the lore, and even some new insight.

Planeswalkers have been a major card type since their inception in Lorewyn. These cards have continued to impacted the meta even more in War of the Spark. New mechanics with Planeswalkers in this set include static abilities and uncommon planeswalkers. The boys are riding this hype train through and through. The biggest questions still remain though, will uncommon planeswalker come back? Are static abilities here to stay? Some of these planeswalkers are already poised to change even the modern meta, with crazy combos from planeswalker favorite, Karn!

So whether you are a standard player, modern players, or even just a limited fiend, this is an episode you will not want to miss out on. You might even “spark” some new inspiration for a standard deck while you are here.

Thank you for tuning into Roll for First! Roll for First is a bi-weekly Magic The Gathering podcast about all things Magic, from lore, to strategy, and even some stories! Whether you’re a Spike, Johnny, and even Timmy, join us for a kicked back chat about the best card game ever made. We go live every other Sunday at 6:00 EST over at If you aren’t able to make the live show the VODs go up at on Youtube Monday morning here. Or you can search Roll for First on any major podcast platform for the audio version!

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